Welcome to the Adventures of DhariLo!

Welcome to the Adventures of DhariLo!


I have been fortunate enough to find a career where I do exactly what this e-card says. My name is Dhariana Lozano and I am a social media professional in the amazing city of New York. Born and raised in Manhattan, the heart of it all…and as natives like to say “the last of a dying breed”. My work experience in social media and e-marketing began in New York City nightlife and restaurants. I then moved on to provide social media and e-marketing services to IQPC, and more specifically HRIQ (Human Resources IQ)- a website dedicated to providing the best in HR content and conferences. My time at IQPC not only consisted of marketing HRIQ, but I also did marketing for CMIQ (Customer Management IQ) and got to market a few live conferences. My most recent work can be seen at Wines by Wives, the celebrity wine club that gives back to charity! I am the director of social strategy and have grown, and engaged our social media audience, and consulted our celebrities on their social outreach since the company launched in February 2012. Wines by Wives is like my baby, and I am so proud of what has come of it so far. Lastly I have a few other freelance accounts I handle.

The purpose of this blog is to share my tidbits of knowledge and pieces of my life. With that said..welcome to the adventures of DhariLo!

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