DhariLo’s Social Media Sunday: 3.30.2014. Better Late than Never?

DhariLo’s Social Media Sunday: 3.30.2014. Better Late than Never?

My 1st DhariLo Social Media Sunday, where I share 3 social media stories, news or updates I found interesting of the past week. I know, not much of this Sunday left, but I got super lost in articles. There is just so much information to read through and so much changes so fast!

Here’s my breakdown of what caught my attention in Social Media this past week as well as a few of my takeaways and how I can see each change being applied in your social media efforts.

1. Twitter adds new photo features!

This past week Twitter rolled out a few new photo features. You can now tag up to 10 friends in a photo without affecting your 140 character count. You can change how you are tagged in your Twitter settings.

You can now also upload up to four photos at time, which creates a collage (this feature is only available on iPhone for now, but is coming to Android and Twitter.com soon).


My takeaways:

  • Tagging without affecting character count really does make twitter a little more social. Now you don’t have to worry about cutting messaging short when dealing with a group photo, or if the photo you’ve uploaded is intended for more people than you can tag.
  • Photo collaging, or uploading multiple photos at once, may not seem like such a drastic change- and honestly, most of us probably use fun photo apps to create collages before uploading them to our social networks. With that said, I can still see this being a time saver when covering and live Tweeting from events, where I may not have too much time to sit and create a collage.

To read more about Twitter’s new photo options, check out their blog here: http://bit.ly/1pvsfCm


2. Facebook Pages get a new look!

We just had our timelines switch over, but now Facebook Pages are getting a new look. The week of March 10th, Facebook started rolling out changes for fan pages. Not only has the look of your fan page changed, but the way insights look has changed also.

Your refreshed timeline design features your page’s posts in a left hand column. The right hand column will feature information about your business such as likes, your website url, posts to page, map etc. 


Admin tools will now be constantly accessible, as it seems a “This Week” menu will be viewable no matter where you are on your page. Each section of the “This Week” menu is clickable and provides more detail. The top menu bar has moved to the left side of the page and the buttons are larger and clearer. The “Build Your Audience” button, now alone on the top right of your page, leads you to your Ads Manager account.


Pages to Watch will now be accessible to all page admins, so if you haven’t had access this will be a new feature for you. Pages to watch lets you track the progress of up to 5 competitive pages in your industry. You will be able to view stats of the pages you are watching, including how many posts they made and their number of likes in the past week, accessible via the “Overview” tab. The “Posts” tab will now give you access to view the past week’s most engaging post from the pages you are watching.


My Takeaways:

  • Pages to watch, and it’s features, including the ability to view the most engaging posts of your competitors, can be very helpful towards setting your own benchmarks and goals. This gives you an overview of where you are amongst your competition, and if your content strategy needs to be adjusted.
  • It seems that Facebook tabs will be under the “more…” tab in the timeline, but that is just a guess.

Here is a link to Facebook’s blog post answering the top FAQ’s associated with the new fan page changes: http://on.fb.me/1ketnqZ


3. LinkedIn Debuts “The Dynamic Duo”

LinkedIn’s Dynamic Duo are the social network’s new “Content Marketing Score” and “Trending Content” services. Check out their landing page here: http://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/c/14/3/content-marketing-score.html?src=s-bl


LinkedIn’s describes it’s Content Marketing Score as a recommendation engine. It measures your audience’s engagement with your content, and how that compares to your competitors, as well as how your content performs within Groups, Company Updates etc.

The Trending Content service gives very detailed insight into what content is trending within specific topics, and is ranked by the amount of engagement with the piece of content within LinkedIn.


Here is the view of the top trending content in the marketing function tab in LinkedIn’s Trending Content Interactive Infographic


For and in depth view check out LinkedIn’s Dynamic Duo Landing page here: http://linkd.in/P8daK9

My Takeaways

  • The Dynamic Duo, and both the Content Marketing Score, and Trending Content services seem really beneficial for businesses with a very content heavy strategy. I can see this being very useful for editors, publications, or companies in the B2B space, as they can use these tools to gauge the audience interest in topics, and what topics are “hot” or of interest at the moment to base content on. This could also help if there is a lack of inspiration for new content as seeing what relevant topics are of interest to your audience can aid in developing new topics to base content on.

For and in depth view check out LinkedIn’s Dynamic Duo Landing page here: http://linkd.in/P8daK9


I hope you enjoyed my first DhariLo Social Media Sunday! For my night owls-what caught your eye this past week? Have a restful night a wonderful Monday everyone 🙂


Photos from: Twitter Blog, Facebook Blog, LinkedIn Blog


  • Christine Keefer
    Posted at 15:27h, 31 March Reply

    DhariLo, This is a great time saver! I look forward to next Sunday’s post!

    • DhariLo
      Posted at 15:31h, 31 March Reply

      Thank you and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it!

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