DhariLo’s Social Media Tip Tuesday: Define Clear Objectives!


DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday: Define CLEAR Objectives.

Walking or driving aimlessly can be fun for a spontaneous adventure, but your social media objectives should always be clear. How can you get to a destination if you have no idea where you want to end up?

Clear objectives help you and your team stay on the same page, and avoid wasting time. Breaking a strategy down to smaller objectives can also assist in feeling less overwhelmed by the overall thought of taking social media head on (although I’m sure the enthusiasm is appreciated).

What are your 3 main social media objectives? Let me know in a comment

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  • earthmamany
    Posted at 14:34h, 09 April

    The main objective at the pizzeria I do social media work for is, of course, to sell more product. My activities on their behalf have grown their following and their engagement has never been higher than when I am working on a campaign, but they have difficulty showing a direct correlation with the record-breaking sales they are having in-store. We even tried separating out a FB special of the week so we could tell where the customers saw us, but the folks were not hitting on the specials. I KNOW our social media helps polish their brand, keeps folks looking at their content so when they have something big to say there’s an audience to see it, and gives a good place for dialog with the customers (example: vegan crust, dairy-free cheese, gluten-free options), but the owner, who hates everything about social media can’t understand why it’s important to have a presence if you can’t sell anything much directly from Facebook.

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