Use A Mix Of Scheduled And Live Posts [Social Media Tip]

Social Media Tip 19- Use A Mix Of Scheduled And Live Posts

There is nothing wrong with scheduling posts. In fact, it’s super helpful to schedule your pre-determined posts ahead of time, so you’re now free to spend that time on whatever your heart desires…or the next thing to cross off that list.

Do automate, but don’t rely solely on post scheduling. You need some live action mixed into your content strategy. Wether that’s a timely tweet using the hashtag for the event you’re attending, or sharing an article your favorite industry magazine just published, leave room for real time posts and interactions. This will keep you from sounding robotic and break up the look of your pre-scheduled posts. When scheduling posts, be sure to check up on them to make sure they’ve posted- service outages and system failures happen, aside from that, make sure to adjust scheduled posts according to any changes.

Some of my favorite scheduling services are:

  • Hootsuite: Because I like the look of the publisher once everything is scheduled in.
  • TweetDeck: A new favorite, mostly because there is no pesky 3rd party logo.
  • Buffer: My favorite content of the day gets scheduled at the times when my audience is most active in one click.

Hootsuite and TweetDeck have other cool features that help you monitor all your accounts. Facebook lets you schedule posts right from the webpage and phone app. There are many scheduling services out there from really simple, to more complicated ones like IFTTT (If This Then That), which seem to let you automate just about anything. Find one that works for you!

Do you have any favorite scheduling services?



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