Avoid Lengthy Hashtags [Social Media Tip]


Sometimes, your hashtags will have to be lengthy, but try to keep them as short as possible.

This is where you may have to get innovative, but that’s what it’s all about in marketing! You want shorter hashtags because:

  • They use up less of your character limits
  • Shorter hashtags are easier to remember
  • Short hashtags take less time to type

More steps = loss of engagement, and with each character, you require more typing that your fans want to do- so they won’t. They’ll find other ways to hashtag your content- and there goes accurate measurement as well.

Instead of the whole company name, try initials, or acronyms. If you have an event try an acronym and a two digit number for the year.

Again, there is nothing wrong with longer hashtags, depending on the context they are being used in and the objective behind it. If you want to just garnish a thought, use whatever you want! If you want to gain traction, run a contest, have people participate or respond, or simply want to be able to track your results after, then the above points apply.

12 characters is usually the recommended character limit for longer hashtags. If you must use a long hashtag, make sure sure it’s catchy and something consumers can easily reference.

What is the longest hashtag you’ve seen a brand use? (Not for fun, but part of a campaign)


P.S. Thank you Kimberly Taylor, Director of digital engagement, for inspiring this week’s tip. Follow Kim on Twitter @hotlead

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