Don’t Forget Posting On The Weekend! [DhariLo Social Media Tip]


The internet, and social media never really turn off. Although everyone is “working for the weekend”, your accounts could benefit from having some messaging happen on Saturday or Sunday (or both). Why? because people are still networking online during the weekend.

Think about your own weekend and how you digest information and content. You aren’t being rushed by a deadline, or pulled off into a meeting. You are relaxed, and most likely looking at brands you care about if you’re bothering to look back at what they may have shared during the week. You may even have time to dedicate to posting a comment or two.

Catching your audience during “off” times not only keeps your brand in their minds, but, as you can see in the graphic below, although Sunday isn’t a popular posting day, content shared via Facebook produced more interaction.
(Research study and graph via Track Maven)


This is when automation comes in handy! Buffer some interesting tweets, and schedule a post about that article you found on Facebook.

Do you post on the weekend? If so, do you get more engagement on these days?


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