Mind Your Hashtags! Trending Topics Can Be Negative Too [DhariLo Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip- Mind Your Hashtags


You’re scrolling through Twitter and realize theres a new trending topic taking off. You put your thinking cap on, and come up with a really shareable post, so why are there such negative comments flooding your notifications? …That awesome trending hashtag, had NOTHING to do with what you thought it did!

First I’ll talk about relevance and hashtags. To get that out of the way, not all trending hashtags and topics will work for your brand- just because its trending, doesn’t mean its right for you. Now moving on to the main social media marketing tip for the day – negative news trends just as much (or arguably more) as positive news, and your best bet against mis-using a hashtag is to research! This happens time and time again, where brands and individuals get trend/hashtag happy without diving into the background of where this idea originated, and what it stands for.

My inspiration for today’s tip comes from an incident involving popular frozen pizza brand, Digiorno. This morning, Digiorno’s social media rep had to apologize drastically for using a hashtag related to domestic violence. Known for its snarky commentary, the brand’s tweet brought it’s own twist to the #WhyIStayed hashtag. The tweet, (which I would have formatted differently) could have been received as comical in the right context. Unfortunately, the #WhyIStayed hashtag is currently associated with domestic violence victims, who are sharing why they stayed in abusive relationships in light of the recent release of a video of a popular football player punching his fiancé.

Digiorno #WhyIStayed Tweet             Digirono #WhyIStayed Apologies

Digiorno’s misuse of the hashtag seems like a genuine mistake, but before you find yourself having to apologize to the world, just take a moment to click on the hashtag, and do a little extra research if needed.  Check out what the buzz is really about before integrating it into your marketing.





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