Kraft Content Marketing Achieves Four Times Better ROI Than Ads

For all you nay sayers and non-believers, there is ROI from content marketing and social media (and it’s measurable)!

An article via Advertising Age discussed Kraft’s presentation of fantastic results where content marketing ROI trumped that of targeted ads. I feel like printing it, and personally delivering it to every person who’s told me social media and content marketing don’t work. Then I’d visit those who say these methods aren’t measurable- they are!

Kraft’s director of data, content, and media, Julie Fleischer reported that:

“Kraft now generates the equivalent of 1.1 billion ad impressions a year and a four-times-better return on investment through content-marketing than through even targeted advertising”

Her secret to success? Thinking of the content as paid advertisements, and not getting caught up in the content schedule hole. Fleischer believes that social media networks  have “devalued” how marketers view content, because they view the distribution as free.

I completely agree with Ms. Fleischer. As I mentioned in a previous posts, I believe in having a content schedule, but not being afraid to post in between, or letting go of things that aren’t working. I also believe that content should be created and distributed with a purpose, not for the sake of getting likes, or participating in the latest craze for impressions. The fact that social media is free, and widely accessible absolutely has an effect on marketers and marketing in general. If I only had a nickel for every time someone told me they can handle social media and content on their own (because they know how to “do Instagram”). The point is- this has skewed the quality of some of the social media marketing you see, so I understand where Ms. Fleischer may be coming from with that statement.

The article wraps up with the following tips for success in content marketing from Julie Fleischer:

Market to individuals, not segments
Kraft tracks 22,000 attributes of the more than 100 million annual visitors to its websites and has merged its content and data-management platforms. The data is used to power the increasingly individually addressable advertising Kraft does through its programmatic media buying, which Ms. Fleisher eventually expects to account for the majority of the company’s buys.


Pay attention to trends and apply them quickly
If Parmesan roasted potatoes and green velvet cupcakes are doing well organically on Pinterest, then Kraft adds them to beta tests for promoted pins as well.
Realize that content and advertising are inextricably linked
Content outperforms advertising in terms of engagement, Ms. Fleischer said, “but relevant content programmed strategically with your advertising makes your advertising work harder for you.”

I hope to keep reading about more brands measuring, and getting outstanding results from content and social media marketing, because it does work!



P.S. TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!

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