Determine Your Post Frequency [DhariLo Social Media Tip]

Determine Your Post Frequency [DhariLo Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Tip-Determine Your Post Frequency

Social media is for sharing, but there are those out there who over-share. Don’t be one of those people. Over sharing will cause you to be a newsfeed clogger, which in turn means your fans will stop following you.  Although some social media are built for constant sharing (like Twitter or sometimes even Instagram) there are always points were your fans will get annoyed if you share too often.

Determining post frequency will help you or your brand gain customers and capitalize on engagement. Finding out the perfect frequency for each of your networks may be tricky, but the work is well worth it. Compare your engagement for weeks where more content is shared to engagement on weeks where content is shared less frequently. Did your engagement or reach get affected by the change in number of posts? Social Media Examiner posted a great step by step article on how to benchmark your average engagement on Facebook using insights:

Generally, it is advised to post on your blog daily. I wouldn’t post more than 2-3 times a day  at most on Facebook, but feel free to post more often on Twitter. Twitter is one of those networks where you’ll miss an update if you aren’t watching your timeline, and where interaction and constant conversation are encouraged, but don’t think it’s impossible to over-share here. If your fans are talking to you, answer, and if you are a constant tweeter just make sure the tweets are spaced out a few hours- 5 tweets tops a day. In terms of Instagram, if you share a lot or are at an event, make sure the photos are worth sharing, but I’d keep it to about 2-3 posts a day tops– again spaced out.

Remember that the ideal post frequency will range depending on your industry and audience. For example, it is acceptable for magazines, newspapers, and websites such as Buzzfeed or Mashable to post many times a day, but fans follow knowing what to expect. I suggest testing and finding out what works for you! I’d also like to point out that you do not need to post every single day. Your network may not be into that, or missing a day may not hurt your reach/engagement so much.

In conclusion, test and find your ideal posting frequency for best results.



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