Keep It Simple, Stupid. Less Is More In Social Media Marketing [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 29- Keep it simple- less is more in social media marketing and promotions

I swear I’m not calling you stupid! But this is a simple line to remind you that less is more when it comes to social media messaging and promotions.

Let’s look past character limits and talk about social media messaging in a bit of a different context. You only have a few seconds (IF that- think about how fast you scroll through Instagram) to capture your audience’s attention, so while you have it, don’t confuse them! Use simple, clear messaging especially when using calls to action.

Beyond messaging, keep promotions simple also. I recently received an insert in a package (if you sign up to boxes, you may know where I got this one).  Take a look at it below:

phonto (1)

My first thought- 3 hashtags?? So I re-read the insert, and to me the whole thing is unclear.  Here’s why:

  • Intro is good!
  • Share your review with # ” – This doesn’t seem like the correct wording for the purpose of getting people to use a hashtag- and then asking to use 3 hashtags. Asking someone to use 3 hashtags is a bit much. One hashtag was for the brand of the box, one was the specific item within the box the giveaway was for, and #giveaway was probably thrown in there for visibility. I can only assume the box hashtag was thrown in as some sort of measurement, which again could have been done differently.
    • I would change this to “Share your review using #[hashtag]”. Instead of asking users to hashtag the box brand I’d probably ask consumers to tag (@brand) the box brand and use the specific program hashtag. Ex: Tag us @[brand] and use #[hashtag] when you share your photos!
  • See who agrees with me on your website? Why wouldn’t I just scroll through the hashtag if I care about what others are posting?
    • I think another incentive for visiting the website could be featured here. Maybe it’s something more like  “Check our website for our favorite shared photos”.
  • Random. Floating. Icons. Why are they there?- No call to action, no handles- which would be fine if they were placed elsewhere within this layout.
    • I would place these icons either right above or right below the white box. If left in the position they are in now, I’d add a call to action like “Join the conversation”.

I only took the time to re-read the insert was because I love advertising and marketing, so I enjoy examining ads and campaigns- especially ones that catch my attention (good or bad). Most consumers aren’t me, and if you’re asking too much or aren’t clear, they wont bother. I took the extra step to check on the hashtags and website for the promotion above before writing this, and what I found was exactly what I thought I would find. There are consumers participating in the giveaway, but I guarantee that if the messaging and promotion were simpler, there could be more engagement.

I also noticed that the particular product was using this giveaway in several box subscriptions. This means the collage of posts on the box’s website may not even contain user generated content for their particular box (depending on what information they are using to pull these photos into the collage). This is even more reason to ask users to tag (@username) the specific box brand, instead of using a hashtag.

Bottom line: Keep it simple, stupid. If you ask your audience to do to much, they may do nothing at all. More steps, less engagement.



P.S. Thank you Sean Mckenzie, Social Media, Marketing and Branding  for the assist on this!


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