Adjust Content for Each Network [Social Media Tip]

Getting your content seen anywhere and everywhere sounds great- but not all content will fit into format that works with all social media networks. Choosing the right platforms or simply adjusting your content to fit each network becomes essential in gaining the fans and interaction you are looking for.

Each social media network has its own “language”, objectives and user experiences. As I have mentioned before, Twitter’s constant message stream format, wouldn’t work on Facebook (too many posts on Facebook and your fans un-like you). Content that I post on Instagram, I’d think twice about posting on LinkedIn. As a social media marketer you have to learn to be okay with content not making the cut on all networks. You must understand that some platforms are to drive traffic, and others are simply for branding, presence and interaction.

Not all hope should be lost, as repurposing content and adjusting it to the format of the specific social media network is always possible. On networks like Facebook and Google + you have flexibility in the media you can post. These networks allow for videos, links get hyperlinked, and photos can be uploaded individually or as a set. But networks like Instagram get pesky – enter repurposing!

If you can’t post a link (or posting a link renders useless like on Instagram), use a screenshot and turn the messaging into a question. This method visually reinforces the content you want to push, but you have presented it in a way that works with the nature of the social network. If a video is too long, grab a snippet (or screenshot) and encourage fans to visit the channel where the video is being hosted.

I want to emphasize that having network specific content is not a bad thing. I fully believe in having content that is “exclusive” to platforms, as it gives fans a reason to keep up with your brand across multiple channels. In other words, follow me on Twitter also, because you may miss something I didn’t share on Facebook.  With that said, not all content will be worth the extra effort of a transformation, but if something is really great, the extra time is worth it.

To recap:

  1. Think about your objectives and how important it is for you to circulate the specific piece of content. Do you need extra traffic or is this purely for extra visibility? Is it okay if we skip spending time creating a 15 second clip for this campaign or is a screenshot okay?
  2. Think about how the social networks you want to publish your content on work. From how users communicate, to whether this is a video only platform, it all matters. This will help you determine how the content will be presented and the type of messaging that can go along with the post. This will help you plan your attack a little better.
  3. If the content must go up, don’t fret. Get creative and remember there are more ways than 1 to visually represent content. If you don’t have an image to represent your newest whitepaper on Instagram, create a graphic on Canva or a similar service. Perhaps a screenshot of a good quote will work.



Dharilo Social Media Marketing tip 34: Choose the Right Platforms or Adjust Your Content Per Network


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