Conduct A Social Media Marketing Audit [Social Media Tip]

The end of the year is closing in and I’ve had 2015 on the mind. I’m not just shuffling through my personal resolutions and goals, but I’ve also been thinking about what goals I’d like to set with my client’s social media marketing strategies. The only way to figure out what kind of new goals to set and what to flat out get rid of going forward is to conduct a social media marketing audit. Read on for some tips on how you can begin a social media audit yourself.

Social media marketing audits can be a pain in the neck, but absolutely worth it. When you audit yourself, you may find you missed a useful functionality change on a social network, or you may realize it’s time to tweak your messaging or give your brand a more unique voice. Audits can also help you understand what works your audience (content type, messaging etc.) and how you can reach and connect with them in a better way. Overall, you get a good picture of where you stand, how far you’ve come, and where you can go next.

  • Start by creating a spreadsheet to keep track of all your accounts. Include columns for social network name, link to the specific network, a column to fill in with you follower numbers, etc. If you happen to find unofficial accounts, take a note of those also.
  • Check how details are filled in on each channel. Social networks are constantly evolving, and it can be easy to miss features and changes. Take a look at each field and  fill in as many blanks as possible – these help with optimization and helping your fans find you via search. Is all of the information in your “about” or detailed sections still remain relevant to your brand? Keep business information like opening hours, and contact emails and phone numbers current. Check for consistent messaging, and voice across all of your social media profiles. Pay attention to things such as consistency in links, and wording.
  • Check out some competitors. What are other brands in your industry doing successfully in their social media marketing efforts. Are they doing something you aren’t or vice versa?
  • Benchmarks and setting goals. Here is where it can get a little tedious. If you set any goals – did you reach them? If not, why? Was there a particular campaign that did really well? Did you have an increase in reach or membership? Based on the answers to those questions, you can begin to set goals for next year. This could be anything from increase membership by 10% month to month, to making it a goal to run 3 promotions a year. Remember to follow metrics that make sense to your business (social referrals, reach, etc.)
  • Plan to try something new! Try one new strategy or idea in the new year.
  • An audit is the perfect way to purge efforts that were fruitless. If it didn’t work – don’t do it again! Cancel any accounts that are not in use, or figure out how to re-strategize.
  • BONUS: Social media audit time is a great time to change your passwords and organize them.

I hope this helps you get a start towards auditing your own social media channels. Do you have any social media marketing goals set for 2015?


DhariLoDhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 37- Audit Yourself- Conduct A Social Media Audit


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