Digital Tactics Influencing Traditional Advertising and Marketing – Super Bowl Take Aways

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Suberbowl Takeways- Digital Tactics influencing traditional marketing

As I was watching the Super Bowl (for the ads – I have NO idea what’s happening in football) I realized that It seems traditional forms of advertising and marketing are taking a hint from us digital engagement folks. This year’s Superbowl further reinforced to me, how digital marketing is not only shaping the way brands are advertising to consumers in more traditional means, but how digital in being integrated at every part of a company.

You’re probably sick of hearing of Super Bowl ads at this point but this is more about a big takeaway from these ads that caught my attention. It seems story telling has made its way from digital to the mainstream advertising and marketing world. As a digital marketing professional, using a story or story telling to create compelling, shareable content, that extends the brand messaging and voice is ingrained into my mind. This year, as I watched the Super Bowl Ads, I noticed most of them pulled on the heart strings or were popular online marketing videos turned ads. More and more we are seeing factors of digital marketing affect traditional forms of marketing – as well as becoming a more integral, central part of businesses.

It was awesome to see popular videos like Always’ #LikeAGirl, which made the rounds over the summer, regain popularity after millions watched it during the game. I always remember Stu Sheldon telling us “If you want a lot of people to see your ad at once, get a Super Bowl spot” – where as digital extends the footprint and “life” of the conversations based on people ingesting content and ads. The combination of the two is so powerful when it comes to branding.

These ads prove how there is a shift – consumers are now leading brands based on digital conversations. The #LikeAGirl promotion did so well (AdAge reported 80 million views on the video on January 29th) and created so much buzz and conversation online, that using it for a mainstream ad seems like second nature. Digital is the perfect testing space – the new focus group –  for brands. The initial spark of popularity and the tone of conversations that follow (and how far those ripples go) give digital marketers direct insight into what consumers think. Further than that, consumers are also influencing event he products brands make – flavor requests or help choosing packaging – all which make consumers feel special and of course, the products they influence sell well.

I love watching the digital and social media marketing industries develop and prove that we do more than push buttons and troll Twitter. Digital marketing is influencing and shaping the way we advertise and the way business is done. We have embraced the consumer in a way they hadn’t been embraced before- and it works.

Las but not least, my favorite ads of the Super Bowl were Coca Cola’s #MakeItHappy (although the campaign has now gone sour), Chevy’s Colorado Blackout, and Dodge Wisdom.

The best social media based post was Monster’s congratulatory tweet, making the best out of Twitter trolls and driving tons of engagement. See the tweet below and read AdAge’s breakdown here





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