Learn How Each Social Media Network Works [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 50 - Learn How Each Social Media Network Works



Sometimes clients ask me to do things that are just not possible on the social media networks we are posting to (or any network in general). When you learn how each social media network works and it’s capabilities, you will have a better understanding on getting the most out of each post.

Each social media network not only has its own “language” but they have differences in actual technical capabilities from one to another. For example, both Twitter and Facebook allow for multiple photo uploads, and while on Facebook you can upload a bunch at a time, you are limited to 4 on Twitter. Take the time to navigate each network both as a user and as your brand.

Some things I pay attention to:

  • Navigation: Click around and figure out where things are.
  • How users can interact with your content: Can they click, comment, share?
  • How you can interact (as a business) with your audience and those who interact with you
  • Messaging: Can users message your brand privately?
  • How pictures get shared and photo sizes: Pay attention to how the images look in your newsfeed or timeline. This includes advertising settings. Nothing is more annoying than getting creative that needs to be adjusted for restrictions (like Facebook’s only 20% text of ad images rule) or so that you don’t make images that will get cut off.
  • Editing capabilities: Some networks let you edit more than others. Facebook, Instagram, Google +, let you edit posts after they have gone up, but you’re out of luck for editing tweets.
  • Sharing: What does shared content look like?
  • Type of content that can be shared: What kind of content is the network based on?
  • Can users save/download content: Does the network let users directly download content? Do you have control of that as a business? A great example of this is Vimeo and YouTube. Vimeo give you the option to let users download your videos, while that capability is not available
  • Apps: Are there apps available for the network? What can or can’t be done from the app?
  • Other tools: Look for network specific “tools” like Facebook app tabs, post pinning options

The list above is just to get you started. Learning each part of the network it’s capabilities and how it works will help you avoid snags later. Understanding what you have to work with will also help you determine how to share content the right way to get the most benefit from each network.

Happy social media-ing!



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