Tease Content [Social Media Tip]

Tease Content [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 51 - Tease Content

Being a tease isn’t usually a good thing, but teasing content can be a great tool to extend the life of your content or create anticipation and buzz for a social media launch or reveal! This week’s tip reviews how teasing content can help your social media campaign.

So what exactly do I mean by teasing content? I mean take your final piece of content, and break it up into smaller pieces of content to release in increments to your network. This technique can be beneficial when you’re running into content snags, if  you want to try something different to get a little more engagement from your audience, or as part of a larger social push/launch. This method also works when you want to extend the life of a campaign or simply continue to drive traffic to a landing page or content.

Here are a few ways to break content up and tease it to your audience:

  • Images: If you have one final image, you can distort it (or part of it) and ask your fans to guess what the final image or product is. Let them know when the big reveal is and ask them to come back to find out if they were right!
  • Videos/Webinars: break longer videos up into shorter clips to share online. Post these along with the release date of the full video or a link to where the video is being hosted. You can also use quotes of the video and turn them into shareable branded images – again post these with links to the main video or let your fans know when the full feature will be released
  • Articles/ Blog Posts/ Whitepapers: Such as above, pull quotes, facts, or interesting tid-bits and get creative! Release one of these images or excerpts periodically until the launch date of your final

Remember, teasing content isn’t always about a reveal, or what’s coming up, but can be about breathing life into a dying campaign or presenting the same old content in new context.  This new context can re-engage an audience that may have been getting bored, and gives your brand an opportunity to flex a little creative muscle. Teasing out bits of a larger piece gives your audience a taste for what the full feature will be. Much like handing out samples, your audience gets to “try” before they commit to signing up to your webinar, or participating in your promotion. Maybe you’ll attract someone who didn’t know they’d be interested in the particular subject, or product until you spiked interest with a snackable portion.

Can any of your social media campaigns benefit from teasing content?



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