Don’t Ignore Your Header Images [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 52 - Don't Ignore Header Images

Here is a tip hiding in plain sight. Almost every social media network now provides header or cover image options. Those big spaces for you to fill with something eye-catching for your fans. Your header images are like billboards on your profiles, so don’t ignore this prime real estate.

Cover or header images are large, and the first thing people see when they navigate over to your social media profiles, both on desktop and mobile. This is your chance to capture your audience visually. Again, this is prime real estate, and you shouldn’t overlook the importance of having a beautiful image that captivates, or informs your audience about your brand.

Some cover image ideas

  • Highlight a new product – whether this is a close up of one or compilation of products, show them off!
  • Highlight a contest/event/awards or achievements
  • Create a seasonal greeting
  • Thank fans – “Thanks for 1 Million Likes”
  • Praise customers or employees- Feature some testimonials, or images of customers enjoying your product, or some of the people you work with.
  • Point to tabs or buttons on the page
  • Tell us what your brand is about – include a sentence about a brand or product attribute, a sale, or if you give a percentage of proceeds to charity- but remember to keep the text to a minimum and concentrate on getting your point across visually.

On some networks, cover and header images are more than just a pretty picture. On Facebook and Google +, adding a description with a call to action and link can help boost traffic or conversions. Remember that on Facebook a cover image change comes up as a post in your fans’ newsfeeds – don’t leave this description empty!

A few more things to take note of:

  • Make sure your image is sized correctly to avoid blurriness
  • Make sure your cover/header is brand related – this image is HUGE and the first thing people see, so let’s not confuse them
  • Take a note of areas where your image may be covered – Areas behind the profile photo are hidden, on Facebook the call to action buttons also block space. This is especially important when thinking about mobile as header image formats change from your desktop.
  • Get creative! Even if you’re in a “dry” industry, cover images are your opportunity to let a little fun and creativity shine!
  • Switch it up. Change up your cover image art from time to time (but keep it consistent across all your profiles). This is another way to surprise and delight your audience,

Cover and header images may seem like just another area to fill – but please don’t overlook their importance on any social media network. This is your chance to showcase your brand voice, capture your audience, or highlight something special before potential fans even scroll to fall in love with your content. If you need some inspiration, keep scrolling.

What is the most interesting use of a cover image you’ve seen?




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Cover Image Examples:

Here’s on that integrates the profile image in the cover, and lets us know what the brand in about, simply and beautifully.

CC COver Image


Here’s one that points to a newsletter sign up call to action button.



and finally one highlighting an event.

SMExamnier cover




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