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DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 62 - Use Visual Content

Content comes in all different formats, but the most effective form seems to be visual content. Humans are visual creatures, so it’s not a surprise that social networks based on simple visuals are on the rise. Visual content is easier to digest and share than longer forms of content – so what are you waiting for? Let’s get visual!

Visual content seems to be trending in the social media marketing world but historically visuals have performed better than other types of posts. Posts that use visuals as opposed to plain text drive more engagement and post shares.

  • Twitter: According to Twitter, tweets that include photos can see 35% more retweets than those without.*
  • Facebook: Social Bakers reports that videos uploaded natively on Facebook now get the most reach.**

Some visual content ideas:

  • Long or short form video: Video use is on on the rise and for good reason. People are now uploading more videos, and as mentioned above videos uploaded natively via Facebook are seeing more reach than other posts. Quality still matters! A great photo will still do better than a bad video. You can create one longer video and chop it up to use to use for more content later or to use with messaging to drive traffic.
  • Infographics: People love statistics and numbers – infographics are the perfect way to simplify and visualize important numbers while making them relatable and understandable. Besides, it’s so much easier to read and extract information from an graphic than an article. Infographics are another way to also raise your brand’s visibility and recognition.
  • Slideshare presentations: Great for B2B brands, presentations about industry hot topics can take off and get you some traffic.
  • Visual guides: These are one larger image made up of smaller images that show you how to do something step by step.
  • Last but not least photos: Good quality or creative photos are a go to for visual content. You can get creative with background images with text overlays. Text overlays can include calls to action – saving you precious character space. Think user generated photos, behind the scenes photos, etc. Photos may be the easiest type of content to produce since our phones can take great quality photos and require less technical skills and time than creating videos, infographics, or presentations.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Instead of asking customers to take a poll in a text post, make it into a visual and see how it does. For content like white papers, create a visual to go along with your online promo messaging to increase reach. You only have fractions of a second to capture the attention of your audience – do it with amazing visuals!

Do you have any examples of great visual content?



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