Social Media Tip 12: Irrelevant Posts, Useless Engagement

Social Media Tip 12: Irrelevant Posts, Useless Engagement

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! Let’s get to the tip: Irrelevant Posts, Useless Engagement.

We all want our brands to remain relevant as well as have a super engaged audience. There’s nothing wrong with posting fun content to drum up engagement from your network, just be careful about what kind of content you post to reach this objective. Random cat photo? Crowd selfies because it’s now a “thing” thanks to Ellen, or irrelevant trend/news hopping are things you should generally steer away from constantly relying on to remain relevant, or to drive engagement. Not only will you be received as spam (many times triggering networks like Facebook to decrease your reach), but the if the post is irrelevant to your audience or brand, what good is it to you or your brand’s image? What value are you bringing to your customers?

Your argument will be “but when I post a cute puppy I get a million likes”. My response is so what? Is it driving traffic? Are you even a pet brand? Is it worth confusing your network, and flooding their already clogged social news stream so that you seem to have an engaged audience? Forget that noise!

Again, I’ll reiterate that constantly relying on unrelated, spammy posts is not a good thing. Instead concentrate on bringing what works into creating your own content. If your audience loves puppies, create content integrating a puppy into the imaging or messaging- but keep it relevant and relatable to your brand.

This same rule applies to posting content just to build a following , without taking into consideration what your brand is offering. For example: a company who offers a tech solution posting about music awards etc.

The following article via Fast Company highlights hits and misses in news jacking and relevant content:

I hope you found this tip useful, and see you on the line! lol



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