Unlink Your Social Media Networks from Each Other! [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Tip 13: Unlink your networks from each other

Are you ready for this Tuesday’s social media tip?

Social Media Tip 13: Unlink Your Social Media Networks from Each Other!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves I see way too often in social media marketing. I am all for saving time, but linking all your accounts is a big no-no! Here’s why:

  • The way you communicate with each social network is different. From character count, to hashtag use, each network has it’s own language and “set of rules”. When you link your accounts, you lose that, and therefore look like you have no idea how to use the network.
  • It looks awful! – Below is a Twitter newsfeed full of Instagram links. It’s an eyesore, your messaging cuts off and the Instagram link makes it look like the same message is being shared over and over. One more issue is that the photos don’t show up in the timeline this way, which created an extra step followers must take to access your content. This will cause fans to tune out, and people are too busy to click an extra link.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.55.25 PM

My suggestion: if you must link your social networks, take into consideration the network you are linking to. Pay attention to character limits, messaging, and hashtag use. For example- You can share an Instagram Image to Facebook- just don’t use hashtags in the messaging.

Happy social networking, and see you next time!



  • Vaibhav Khare
    Posted at 05:32h, 27 June Reply

    Now sharing an Instagram Image to Facebook- without using hashtags in the messaging won’t serve purpose on Instagram.
    Similarly if you are sharing a Facebook post on Twitter without hashtag and of length more than 140 char will have the disadvantage of dropping audience interest.
    Unlinking is best but will require more effort to update these platforms separately that is worth to put.

    Waiting for comments!

    • DhariLo
      Posted at 13:23h, 28 June Reply

      Hi Vaibhav,

      I disagree with your statement about a photo on Instagram without hashtags serving no purpose. Instagram is all about the image, at the very basic level of usage of the network, all you need in a photo… no caption, no hashtags, just the photo. If you are taking the time to use social networks beyond their basic functions, hashtags help improve the amplification of you message.

      You can share an image from Instagram to Facebook without hashtags in the messaging, and then add hashtags as a comment later, which works just like putting the hashtag in the caption.

      I do agree that posting from Facebook to Twitter doesn’t work for the reasons you described, and it adds and extra click and page for your audience to visit, which will deter them from clicking the facebook link in your tweet to view the entire message. It also just makes for an unattractive timeline.

      The effort put into formulating the correct message per network, and individually posting messaging, or at least taking the time to formulate messaging that will work when linking from one account to another far out weigh the benefits of simply linking accounts blindly to save time and effort. Just as I mentioned before, at the bare basics of each network, hashtags, links, and even captions can be omitted, but we are already taking time to enhance these posts with links, hashtags, and messaging, and we should all take the time to do it right.

  • Kristy Sinsara
    Posted at 20:21h, 04 July Reply

    Love the article and agree ONLY to an extent. I had to make sure that my POSTS were linked together so that when I post things in FB they don’t auto post in Linkedin or Twitter because you are correct in that different social media platforms are for different audiences.

    HOWEVER, I encourage all of my clients to link up so that they can share from the network base of their friends and followers and fans still.

    I manage ONLY high profile accounts…so for me, your rules apply. For others, I say link it up still with limitations perhaps? What do you think???

    • DhariLo
      Posted at 17:04h, 06 July Reply

      Hi Kristy,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I discourage linking, in all cases and as much as possible. I only encourage it when absolutely necessary, for testing purposes and only if you are savvy enough to craft messaging that will work on the networks you are linking together.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to comment and I’m glad you find my tips useful.


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