Do Share Relevant Content From Other Brands or News Outlets! [DhariLo Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Tip- Sharing is Caring

So, I’ve already covered how you should take a break from pumping out your awesome content to listen to your audience. Now I’m letting you know that sharing, retweeting, reposting, re-blogging (…did I miss any?) are not bad things! I know some people feel sharing external content in promoting a competitor, or taking up a change for new eyes to see your content…I just do not agree. In fact, sharing relevant news, or content relating to your brand, industry, or audience (think lifestyle posts) is yet another way to build a connection with your target audience, fans, followers and advocates. Not to mention, it helps build up your reputation as you a thought leader in your industry – if done right!

I’d advise not to over share to the point where your newsfeed or timeline is so flooded with shared content that your messages get lost. Rather, find a good ratio, based around your content schedule. Also, consider the nature of each network you share content to. For example,  you probably post several times a day on Twitter as oppose to several times a week on Facebook (depending on the industry).

So go ahead, share that cool infographic another brand in your industry made! Did you read a cool article about new happenings in you small business’ neighborhood? What about a quote or article from a thought leader in your industry?- share it! But put your spin on it, and give credit.

What piece of content caught your eye this week?




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