Must Watch: “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?” by Prince Ea

Humans Have an 8 Second Attention Span


Did you know that a human being’s attention span has dropped to lower than the attention span of a gold fish? I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that as technology connects us, it also has its downfalls, and as everything, should be consumed in moderation.

No one understands when I stress the importance of unplugging, because I work in social media marketing. I believe in balance, and being present in moments. I’m the first one to lose my phone when I walk through my door, I still make eye contact when I speak- only to find myself looking at the tops of heads. It’s sad to look around in a group of people to see more screens lit then mouths moving in conversation. As much as technology is amazing in how it has connected us, and opened us to worlds we never would have access to otherwise, we cannot let it disconnect us from the world you are in. I absolutely love the message and the delivery of the “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?” video, and encourage you to watch the whole video and share it!

Take a minute to unplug, look up, embrace the moments you are IN. Stay aware.

Watch “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?” by Prince Ea



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