Don’t Miss Simple Ways To Expand Your Social Media Presence [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 31- Put Your Social Media Icons and Hashtags Everywhere

Okay, so maybe social media follow icons/buttons and hashtags don’t need to be absolutely everywhere, but there are so many ways to connect your target audience on and offline, and you could be overlooking some of them. Step 1: If you don’t let your audience know you’re online, they wont know to look for you! Read on to discover a few simple ways to expand your social media presence and campaign awareness.

I’ve come across several brands who get a decent amount of web or foot traffic, but with social media accounts with fewer followers than I’d expect. If I see these brands at events, or walk into their brick and mortar stores, no sign of social media. When I circle back to their websites, again, no social media icons on the site. If there are icons, they are itty bitty or out of date and lost within the site. Sometimes the social media or follow buttons aren’t linked correctly.

[SIDENOTE: While we’re on the subject I’m not a fan these Facebook page like buttons on websites -> Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.03.44 PM. I understand eliminating that extra step, but I like to see what the page I’m liking is posting before I like it. Anyone else feel like that?]

Put your social media icons, links, and hashtag anywhere you can. If your customers don’t know you’re there how wil you start building your core audience? Here are a few ways to get some social media awareness going:

  • Include visible follow buttons on your website. Mine are floating in the upper right hand corner, as well as on the right side of my blog. All easily accessible and visible. Make sure these buttons are clearly defined and different from your share buttons. has great free tools to help you get your social links on your site.
    • You can be more discreet by keeping the follow buttons on the bottom of your site in a few shades lighter or darker than the background, or take the TechCrunch footer approach. Look on different websites for ideas.
      • goldenboy
      • Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.23.14 PM
  • For events, include hashtags on all signage, and any printed materials or flyers. Use social media icons but remember to include “@yourhandle” or “\yourhandle” so your attendees know how to find you. Don’t just pop a hashtag on a piece of paper, a call to action will encourage people to share. There are tons of other places to promote your hashtags and social media presence at events, get creative and have fun with this!
  • Own a store? Get social media vinyl stickers for your windows. Again, include a call to action. What better way to let your customers know that you’re online than right when they walk in?
  • Brand original content with your hashtag. If you made it, put your hashtag on it, in a corner and practically transparent so it doesn’t take away from you image. You can do the same with your website link.
  • If you have an email list or newsletter, send an email letting your lists know where to find you online.
  • Pay for it. Why not run a social media awareness ad? I’ve seen more and more TV networks run social media specific ads, and although I’m not telling you to run an ad on TV, you can run a like campaign on Facebook or a Twitter ad for relatively low amount of money.
  • Contests: create content around the contest or sweepstakes and brand it – works both on and offline.

These were just a few ways you could be missing out on reach and awareness. As with everything else, don’t be obnoxious in the way that you brand and put hashtags on things, but be conscious of every opportunity you have to let people know how to find you or join the conversation.





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