Avoid Verbal and Visual Redundancy [Social Media Tip]

You know those commercials that play over and over? At first they annoy you and eventually, you start to ignore them. Now think about when you see an image or the same sentence over and over. Your eyes become conditioned to seeing them, and pretty much assume the context of the overall message is the same as what you’ve seen before. Don’t sound (or look) like a broken record to avoid becoming ignored on social media.

If someone comes across one of your feeds, what does it look like? When I come across a brand’s Twitter timeline and I see the same tweet over and over, or a Facebook page looks¬†as if it’s sharing the same link over and over (because of the preview image), I tend to not like or follow that account, or even pay attention to what’s already on there. I’ve already dismissed you because in the time you had to capture my attention, you’ve cluttered my vision, or used the wrong messaging.

If you need to post the same link several times, get creative and switch up the messaging, or the image you used (or both). If your links pull a generic image consider using an image or just plain text instead. Networks like Google+ and LinkedIn allow you to forgo and image and on Facebook you can substitute the image that automatically populates with your own.

Back to my example of happening to come across your brand’s account- remember that many people are just coming across your timelines and feeds. I make it a point to periodically take a look at my client’s feeds as a whole. I also do the same on competitive accounts. I like to see what the account is portraying visually, like a visitor scrolling through. A few things I look for are:

  • How messaging looks at a glance. Are links visible? Should that paragraph have been spaced differently or made shorter?
  • Messaging: Pay attention¬†to wording, language used, layout of the wording, etc.
  • Images: Are they of good quality? Do they draw me in? Are the graphics “on brand”?
  • Content: Is there a good mix of content? Is there a plan or does it seem like posts are scattered with no rhyme or reason?

Taking a step back to look at the big picture when it comes to your social media marketing can be essential to realizing any changes you can make to improve how your fans receive you in the precious seconds you have to capture them. Think of your social channels as an extension of website – if it looks bad, your visitors leave.

However you slice it redundancy when it comes to your messaging or look of your social media channels leads to getting ignored and forgotten. Keep your audience interested with visuals and variations on messaging.

What are some of your favorite social media feeds?




DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 33- Dont Sound Or Look Like A Broken Record

  • AnA
    Posted at 21:53h, 11 November

    Good content!

    • DhariLo
      Posted at 23:50h, 11 November

      Thank you!

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