Know When to Take It Offline [Social Media Tip]

Negative comments and trolls are rampant on the line – nothing will change that. There is something about being behind a screen that gives people a little more “courage” (if you know me you know what I really mean lol). The key to handling these less than favorable social media exchanges is knowing how to address each situation, and when it’s time to take it offline.

I’ve met many business owners who are hesitant to join the social media world because of the negative comments- and it’s one of the silliest excuses in the book. Negative comments are around whether you see them or not. Having an online presence may allow you to reach out and turn negative feedback into positive actions for you and your brand.

A few ways to avoid trolls and negativity?

  • Create user guidelines and post them on your social media networks. This can be done in your about section, periodically as a post or link to a guideline page on your blog or website. LinkedIn even has a special section in their groups for rules. Let people know what will and will not be tolerated on your page. Draw the line- if they violate the rules… OUT! If they complain, well the rules have been stated.
  • Moderate- Check through comments and make sure there’s nothing fishy going on. Encouraging interaction within comments and posts is great- unless it gets ugly. Let the abusers know this behavior isn’t tolerated- this isn’t the wild west. Knowing you actually moderate your feeds will deter trolls.
  • Use filters – Some networks like Facebook, allow you to go into your page settings block certain language and words. This is useful when your brand caters to younger kids, or if you just want to keep foul language.
  • Be polite and professional! Getting into a back and forth argument on your page will make you look worse to your fans than the person who began in the first place. Kill them with kindness!

Got a troll, or someone with a customer service complaint that is particularly out of hand?

  • Address the person respectfully and professionally, and invite them to contact you offline. Give them an email, ask them to send you a private message, or provide them with a phone number ASAP. These people may be relentless at typing, but watch what happens when you are respectful and ask them to take an extra step. Most likely- they won’t. If they do, try to help them and make the situation right.

No one wants to hear bad things about themselves, but occasionally this can be a blessing in disguise. If you are in the wrong, address what went wrong and follow through on making necessary changes. If a customer has bad feedback, reach out and ask what you can do to improve- you may be surprised at the developments that may occur- someone may even come back and re-write that bad review, just because you took the time to listen.

To recap, address the troll or complaint- make your audience feel appreciated and listened to. Honestly try to rectify the situation, and lastly, take it offline as soon as you can. In the end, people just want to know that you are listening to them and that they matter. If someone still won’t give up – block them. Some people are just, well trolls.

How have you dealt with negative situations?




DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 36- Know When to Take it Offline

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