A Holiday Gift Guide for the Social Media Marketer in Your Life

The holidays are just about here, and who couldn’t use a few gift ideas? As I was browsing I saw so many cool things (besides social media books) I wouldn’t mind receiving as presents this year (hint, hint), so  I’ve put together a holiday gift guide for the social media marketer in your life.


Hashtag Key

Expedited hashtag key, because who has time for that 2 key pressing non-sense when you’re a social media marketing tweeting tornado. Back the HashKey Kickstarter to get your own! Approx. $40.00


Hashtag Mug


Because hashtags are as essential to a social media marketer as the coffee that goes in the mug. Thumbs Up! # Mug, $13.42


“@” Earrings.

Swirly A Earrings

“Swirly A”! So cute and perfect stocking stuffer. MimicDesign Social Stud Earrings. $24.00 +


Hashtag Bracelet

Hashtag Bracelet

When it comes to my personal style, I love little details you have to look twice to catch. I’m obssessed with tiny charms on really thin chains, and this is the perfect bracelet if your social media lover shares the same style (on my list). ElseDesigns hashtag bracelet. $25.99


Evernote Smart Notebook


Another one that’s on my wishlist! If your social media marketer (or anyone) uses Evernote avidly, this gift is perfect. You can take notes in the book, snap a photo of your notes using the Evernote Page Camera app, and voila! Your notes are uploaded to Evernote and ready to share! Moleskin Evernote Notebooks. $24.95 +


Social Media Pillows 


These can pull double duty and be fun for the home, or an event! Get them all, mix and match or just get the network your social media lover uses most. Craftsquatch social media pillows. Starting at $25.00


These social media pillows are customizable and a little more sophisticated. SewPersonalTN Linen social media pillows. $50.00


Social Shower Curtain

Social SHower Curtain

I think this makes a great white elephant gift. The best part? The clear area for your “profile picture” …umm smile? Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain $13.69


Hashtag Bottle Opener

hashtag bottle opener

You can’t go wrong with this one for a stocking stuffer. “Hashtag Us” bottle opener $5.99




Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Polaroid Socialmatic

Polaroid has brought image sharing to the next level. Their new Socialmatic camera not only prints your photos instantly, but you will be able to upload them to your favorite social network, and even embed a QR code. $299.99 Pre-order on Amazon.

Diamond and 18K Gold Hashtag Ring

KhaiKhaiHashtag ring

Okay, so this may be a little outrageous, but I’m sure your little social media marketer will feel super special to receive this Khai Khai Hashtag ring. 18K gold .1 ct. t.w. $825.00




For any tech geek or person who likes arts and crafts, littleBits are like electronic Lego’s. You use magnetic circuit boards to create your own electronic masterpieces. So if you want to create a system to make your lights clap on or watch your pet you can create it yourself. Promote learning, exploration and creativity with littleBits. (Starting at $99.00. Kit prices vary) 


BONUS: Nutella Spreader


Because who doesn’t absolutely love Nutella. I know attacking with a spoon is the go-to but now you can get every. last. drop. Nutella spreader $2.50


I hope this little gift guide helps you surprise and delight this holiday season. If I missed anything cool, let me know in a comment!





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