My Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips of 2014!


As we begin to say goodbye to this year – here’s a look back at the top 5 social media marketing tips of 2014! (Unless tomorrow’s tip does better)

Drum roll please…

5. Stay Out Of Social Media Hot Water! – It would be a shame to lose an entire network of an audience over a silly mistake. My advice is use common sense, read and research before you begin any posting or individual promotion. Read my full post for a a few tips to stay out of social media hot water.

DhariLo Social Media Tip 28- Dont Get In Trouble - Legalities of social contests


4. Tag Others CorrectlyTagging the social media accounts of others can be a great way to gain visibility, begin engagement within brands, and reach a new audience, but only if you tag the correct social media property. Read the full post to learn what to consider when tagging other brands on social media.

Dharilo Social Media Tip- Tag Others Correctly


3. Keep It Simple Stupid- Less is More in Social Media Messaging & Promotions: I swear I’m not calling you stupid! But this is a simple line to remind you that less is more when it comes to social media messaging and promotions. Learn to keep it simple here.

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 29- Keep it simple- less is more in social media marketing and promotions


2. Observe Your Competitors’ Social Media Marketing Strategies: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but taking a peek over the fence may provide insights on how to keep your strategy fresh, avoid methods that don’t work, or inspire new ideas. Here are some tips on what to look for.

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 32- Observe Your Competitors' Strategies


…and my top social media marketing tip so far is


1. Ask & Give: Crowdsource for Social Media Content & Engagement: Crowdsourcing is an excellent way to get your audience involved, drive engagement, and create content that resonates with your network. Follow my tips to get started with crowd sourcing for social media content.

DhariLo social media marketing tip 30- ask and give - crowdsource for content and engagement.


 …okay, one last favorite the 5 P’s of Social Media and Content Marketing! The 5 P’s are usually used in reference to content marketing, but I feel they apply to social media marketing also (and the two go hand in hand more often than not).  Learn how to apply the 5 P’s to your content and social media strategy.

5 P's of Content Marketing- DhariLo Social Media Marketing


Do you have a favorite social media tip from my blog? Help me get tomorrow’s new social media marketing tip to beat all the above. Come back and visit tomorrow for my newest tip sign up for my mailing list and receive a social media marketing tip in your inbox each week. 🙂



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