Use Your Brand Voice [Social Media Tip]

Use Your Brand Voice [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 40 - Use Your Brand Voice

We keep talking about (and seeing more) storytelling in marketing. An essential part of the story is the voice behind it- and what tone it sets. Using your brand’s voice in your social media marketing creates a deeper connection and turn fans into consumers and advocates. Read on to learn to apply your brand voice to your social media marketing.

In today’s world a brand’s voice goes well beyond messaging and tone or feeling. Consumers are looking for a more personal level of contact. Think about the commercials or ads that pull on your heart strings – you remember them a little more, and you may even try a product, all because the ad made you feel an emotion.

Reflecting your brand’s voice in your social media marketing is key in reaching your target audience. Think of your brand voice and personality as another brand attribute- one more level of differentiation between you and the competition and yet another way to reach core consumer – those that will really love your brand become your influencers and advocates. Having a voice, opinion, or cause will also help with the every present content issue.

How to integrate your brand’s voice into your social media marketing

  • Lifestyle images and colors. Use images that reflect your brand’s (and fans’) lifestyle. Use these as simple images to go alone with messaging, or as backgrounds to text overlay. Colors are also a great way to establish a “personality” and branding. This brings me to my next point…
  • Facts and quotes. Facts are like quotes – people love them. Share memorable or fun facts about the industry your brand is in. Share the fact on a branded lifestyle image. Reel them in with an image they can relate to and have them remember you (or even share) the image with your fact or quote. Boom- got em twice.
  • Support a Cause. This one could get sticky, so proceed with caution – but standing for something can help you find like minded individuals who may need your brand or product that you could be missing. For example, a cruelty free make-up brand could support the ASPCA- and creating content around it can attract the eyes of ladies who fully support the cause, and are in need of a new mascara.
  • BTS and Collaborations. Show your fans the company soft ball game, or let them in on an office tradition. If you collaborate with another brand, blog or your community- show it! Cross promotion is a great way to get the word out and show appreciation.
  • Put your spin on current events. My rule of thumb is to stay away from religion or politics, but there is nothing wrong with having an opinion (and some brands are proud to have a strong one). Again, go beyond simply sharing the article and let fans know what you as a brand or company found interesting about it or why you are sharing it.
  • Messaging and wording. Be clear on the tone you evoke and the feeling you want your fans to get about your brand. Use wording that resonates with the particular feel you are going for.
  • Addressing Personal News. Although this last one may be a little uncomfortable, if you are a personality, addressing personal news and how you address it can play a big part in the relationship with your fans. Both addressing or choosing not to address personal news speak to your personality. Addressing or breaking news on your social networks can help you connect to people in a new way, and “humanizes” you.

Using and developing your brand voice on social media will help you connect with your fans more deeply than simply pushing messaging and links. In real life people like you, for you – so just be you! Is you brand snarky? cute? intellectual? Show it! Remember that social networks are to connect with like minded individuals and to have a little fun. It is all about creating content that goes further than showing the benefits of your product or service – your consumers want to know your story, so give the people what they want and let us get to know you.



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