This Week’s Social Media Recap: Facebook Topic Data, Pinterest Conversion Tracking, Twitter Quick Promote [#DLSMBRUNCH]

DHARILO SM BRUNCH - 3 -15-2015

It’s a rainy weekend in NYC, so catch up on what you missed this past week in social media marketing. You missed: Facebook Topic Data, Pinterest Conversion Tracking, Twitter Quick Promote.



Facebook Conversion Tracking

On March 10 Facebook announced it will begin to share Topic Data with select advertisers. Topic Data will allow marketers to better analyze their target audiences, and conversations they are having around the topic, while keeping personal information private.  To “develop and scale” topic data Facebook is partnering with DataSift, a leader in brand analytics, to turn that information into insights.

My Thoughts

While marketers have had access to conversations on Twitter, getting this kind of insight from Facebook data has been a bit tricky because unlike Twitter, Facebook profiles are private. Having access to conversations is an essential tool for marketers. Taking a look into conversations help marketers learn things from brand sentiment, to age demographic for people speaking about a product. Conversations can be turned into ads and content that convert. I wonder to when this feature will be rolled out more generally.

Read more about Facebook Topic Data in the Facebook Business Blog.




Earlier this week Pinterest announced Conversion Tracking. Now you will be able to see how promoted pins are performing. Now, you can see if a customer came from a promoted pin, or if that promoted pin promoted a newsletter sign up. Pinterest explains  “you can track conversions that result from 3 types of activity on Pinterest:

  1. Clicks: When someone on Pinterest clicks your Pin and keeps going to your site (leaving Pinterest)
  2. Engagements: When someone repins your Pin or clicks to see it close-up (staying on Pinterest)
  3. Views: When somebody sees your Pin on Pinterest”

My Thoughts

This is a welcome update for Pinterest Ad products. Now more than just seeing that the promoted pin has created traffic to your site, you can see if someone that clicked through took an action once they got to your website. Conversion tracking is very useful in getting to know how customers from specific networks navigate your site, or what kind of content converts better. This feature will be especially useful to retailers who already drive a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

Learn more about Pinterest Conversion Tracking.



Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 12.12.59 PM

On Wednesday Twitter announced Quick Promote. This new feature makes promoting tweets even easier. Now you can go onto your Twitter profile, click on the analytics button on any tweet, and click “promote”. You can also quick promote tweets from the new Twitter Analytics Home.

My Thoughts

I love seeing the individual stats for each tweet, and if you already use Twitter ads putting this feature right into the analytics light box is genius. This new tool works similar to a Facebook boost and gives you an estimate to how many more interactions you will receive.

Learn more about Twitter Quick Promote on the Twitter Small Business Blog.



Twitter Introduces Bigger Iphone Photos: And what better way to announce it then with a tweet!


Now that you’re all caught up, have a great weekend!



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