How To Edit Your Posts [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Tip 53 - How To Edit Your Posts

No one is perfect, and mistakes happen. Luckily some networks let you edit social media posts after they’ve gone out to the masses.

Your eyes can be so overwhelmed  from reading tons of copy, sitting in front of a computer screen all day, and being on your phone. Sometimes even several pairs of eyes can miss errors. Maybe you hit “post” before getting the link in your caption – don’t panic yet – depending on what you need to edit,

Editing posts after they’ve been published isn’t available on all platforms, and there are restrictions to what you can edit. Here are some social media networks and their editing capabilities

  • Facebook
    • You can edit captions, but images and videos are set. If you attached the wrong photo you’ll have to delete and start over – if you missed a coma in your caption you’re good to go. Editing is available on the page managers app also.
    • Take note that when you edit a post on your Facebook fan page, it is public and your fans will be able to see it. A small “Edited” will appear next to the time and date of the post. This is clickable and reveals old versions of the captions.
  • Twitter
    • No post editing. Delete your tweet and repost it.
  • LinkedIn
    • No post editing. You’ll have to delete your post and repost it.
  • Google +
    • You can edit captions on photos, videos, and links. If you posted a link and want to take the link preview out – you can do that. Photos and videos are not editable out of posts. Editing is available on the Google + app.
  • Instagram
    • If you don’t like your caption, you can change it. Your photo is there to stay though. Editing is only possible on the app.
  • Pinterest
    • Your pinned photo can’t be swapped out, but your caption, links, and other settings can be. Edit on the go via the Pinterest app.

I had several people ask me about editing posts this week, so I thought I would clear up some confusion. For the most part, the creative part of your posts aren’t interchangeable, but captions are. Get familiar with each social media network and it’s capabilities so you are prepared on what steps to take if any mistakes do happen.



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