Lock in Vanity URLs [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Tip 57- Lock In Vanity URLs

One very important step some small businesses overlook is locking down vanity URLs on social media networks. Vanity URLs are important because they let fans know they’ve arrived at the right page, they reinforce brand recognition, and a uniform vanity URL across all your social media networks makes you easier to find.

A vanity URL is a web address that has been branded. In social media marketing that means the part after the “www.socialmediantwork.com/” is customized to your brand. Maybe an example is better here: Facebook.com/YourBrand. Think of your vanity url as an extension of your handle. Just like the ideal handle is your brand’s name, same goes for vanity URLs.

Branded or uniform vanity URLs:

  • Establish brand recognition and are easier to remember. Who can even remember a phone number anymore, let alone a string of random numbers?
  • Build trust: Fans know they’ve arrived at the correct page for your business. Even if your vanity URL is not exactly your brand’s name, a uniform vanity URL across all networks will be remembered.
  • Make your brand easier to find: If your vanity URL is your brand’s name, or is uniform across your social media networks, it makes you easier to find. Now, your Google+ URL can help your search traffic.

Not establishing your vanity URL can bring up issues later on – especially if someone claims your ‘s first! Don’t freak out, if someone takes your brand’s name before you do take a step back and figure out a uniform URL. This can be a great branding and marketing opportunity, as unique or shorter URL can be more memorable. Make sure your fans know which vanity URL is the right one (easily done with a cross promotional post).

My main point of advice when it comes to vanity URLs is to keep them uniform across all your social media networks. So if you weren’t able to lock in your brand name, fans will know to try the same vanity URL to find you on different networks. Also keep in mind that not all social networks require vanity URLs.

Here are some social media networks which allow for custom URLs with links on how to get yours:

Some tips for choosing your vanity URL:

  • Research: Do a search for your desired custom URL on all social media networks you plan on joining. If your first choice isn’t available, search for your second choice.
  • If you can’t get your brand name, include an abbreviation of the city or country your business is in (great for franchises), a number, or come up with a memorable shortened version. Sometimes just going with a short, memorable version is the best choice so don’t shy away from the option. If you have a unique handle on Twitter or Instagram, it could be a good idea to make this your custom URL.
  • Keep consistency. As in anything in social media consistency is key, and will help customers remember how to find you

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