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DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 63 - Use Google Plus

Snoop Dogg is beating you at social media marketing. How? He’s on Google+! Many brands seem hesitant to join the network, not convinced it drives results, but Google+ has benefits other social media networks can’t touch.

Google+ was rumored to be just for marketers or Googlers. On the contrary, your business should be on Google+, especially if you own a “brick and mortar” location or care about social SEO.  Google + is an interest based network

Some of  features and benefits of Google +:

  • Social SEO: This is one one the biggest reasons to use the social media network is that Google+ influences your search rankings. Being active here increases the chance of your business’ posts getting seen. If someone follows your business and conducts a search on Google, if your posts have relevant words your posts will be at the top of the search results. Google+ posts are immediately indexed.
  • Local: If you own a physical location being active on G+ will raise the position your business appears in location searches.
  • Google+ membership is on the rise
  • Communities: Google+ has a feature called “Communities” – which I’d say is similar to a LinkedIn Group. Users can join communities based on specific topics and share information or just exchange dialog . There are tons to choose from so find one for you business, share your content and get interacting. You can also start you own community! All your business information will be featured prominently and you can create a really active audience base.
  • Collections: Google+ just added a feature where you can categorize your content into collections (this might be one of my favorites). This feature reminds me of Flipboard because it allows users to subscribe to a specific collection of posts, without having to follow your overall account. This means people really care about these specific topics, and the targeted marketing possibility wheels are turning in the back of my mind.
  • Info section: Unlike other social media networks, Google+’s business info sections allow for format-able text and links
  • Hangouts: Google+ hangouts are a great alternative to webinars and are a great way to drive engagement with your network.
  • Analytics: beyond offering page analytics, if you use Google Analytics you can hook up your page and see how your social media visitors interact with your content and website.

Google+ is a network that does require a lot of time and insight into your industry – but it will all be worth it. Just like LinkedIn cultivates audiences that convert, Google+ offers the same kind of opportunity, plus the added value of getting your posts higher in search results. Who doesn’t need that?



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