Create a Content Bank [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Tip 65 - Create A Content Bank


Gathering a ton of content at once may sound like a headache, but the amount of the amount of time and effort you save in the end can be priceless! In this post you’ll learn about the benefits of gathering a content bank.

Yes, creating and gathering content takes a lot of time, but getting content organized is key to your social media marketing success.  This is especially helpful when your dynamic duo: content schedule + content bank are in play. Hand in hand, your schedule and bank will eliminate the day to day content haggle – saving you time and giving you more room to flex a little creative muscle.

When creating a content bank:

  1. Itemize all aspects of your brand that you want your customers to get to know. This includes lifestyle content, user generated content, brand attributes, upcoming product launches, social media goals or benchmarks, giveaways. None of these have to be developed past knowing you’d like to do them.
  2. This list we we just discussed should then be narrowed down. Slim it down to whatever is manageable for your brand. Putting together a content plan or schedule can clear things up a little.
  3. Gather all existing content – old and new. Now that you know what you want to talk about, and you’ve worked out a plan and post frequency it’s time to look at your content, or lack thereof.
  4. Older content can be stored for TBT or repurposing so hold on to it! (there’s your TBT bank). Beyond that, looking at old content can reveal what worked, what didn’t, what you may want to try differently etc.
  5. New content – do you have new content? If not, now that you have an inventory or idea of what you need – go out and create a sh*it ton of content based on the themes you decided were important earlier.
  6. Bank messaging too. Let’s not forget about the messaging that goes along with your content or videos (or alone). Banking messaging is another way to save time on recurring campaigns (like cross promo tweets etc.) Banked messaging can also help when live tweeting at fast paced events.
  7. Create a system! Last but not least, you’ll need to create a place to put all this content. Are you on a team? Perhaps Dropbox, Google Drive can work. Even a simple folder on a desktop does the job. Make sure you have enough storage space for all the files, or an effective system to keep folders nice and neat.

Beyond getting you all organized a content bank will help you create an inventory – which will aid you in keeping track of when more content needs to be created.

I don’t want you to hear (or read) “content bank” and think “Aahh! I have to create content for a year!”. You can create banks for a few weeks at a time based on your schedule, or in smaller batches for individual campaigns or events – and I recommend both.

When creating content banks for shorter campaigns:

  • Consider the duration of the campaign or event and how frequently you will post about it.
  • Consider using images that can be used more than once in the campaign.
  • Again, bank the messaging that will be used to promote the campaign.

The initial time investment into creating content banks can be big, but will make the posting process a much smoother one for you, and your team. Since the images and messaging are done, all you have to do is plug them into your automation system, or copy and paste them in when it’s time. Think of all the things you can do with that time! Analytics, time to get a little creative with giveaways, etc.

Get to banking!





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