Size Matters When It Comes to Post Length [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 66 - Post Length Matters

There are questions that constantly come up when speaking to people about social media marketing. It seems I always get asked about how often to post – but it doesn’t seem people are concerned with how post length affects engagement and conversions. The truth is, size does matter when it comes to social media post length.

As I’ve mentioned before, each social media network has its own language, and set of rules – so the ideal post length varies from platform to platform. Luckily two of my favorite resources, Buffer and SumAll, have teamed up and analyzed their data to create “The Internet is a Zoo” infographic – detailing the perfect length of social media posts for each network, hashtags, headlines and more!

This infographic is so fun, and easy to read. The companies even created printable companion infographics. [links at the end of this post]

social-media-length-infographic (1)

Check out Buffer’s original “The Internet is a Zoo” infographic post, which explains the Buffer x SumAll study and the findings above, here.


I can’t forget about “The Internet is a Zoo” companion infographics! The one below is going up on my wall ASAP. They are SO cute! Check out the rest of them here.


Remember, that in social media your audience determines what will or will not work on your channels  – so don’t drive yourself crazy if posts are longer or shorter than the figures above. I’ve seen cases where some industries respond better to longer posts – the important thing is to test, and the post lengths above are absolutely worth a shot.



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