Know When to Quit a Network [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 68 - Know When To Quit A Network

No one really likes to admit they’re wrong. That all this time, work, and effort have resulted in…nothing. Realizing something isn’t working is the first step to concentrating on what is working – creating positive results. We’ve discussed choosing social media platforms, but sometimes you have to know when to quit a network all together.

Recently it’s been more difficult to reach the percentage of your Facebook audience you were able to reach a few years ago, which has marketers everywhere complaining and threatening to jump ship. This tip isn’t for those people. This is for the folks who’ve tried and tried again but are getting no where fast. Social networks can grow at a snail’s pace, and you have to keep that in mind when you join and are starting from zero. Increase that exponentially when you have a very niche industry or target audience. If you’re active on a network for a long time, and see no growth – acknowledging when to throw in the towel may be the best thing you do for the state of the social media networks that are working.

Social media is based on one largely on one factor – people – and people can be unpredictable. I think it’s always worth to give a network a shot, but things don’t always go how you plan. Consider quitting a social media network if:

  • It’s been a while, and you’re still talking to yourself. Building a strong social media following is a process, and it takes time. But if everything else has taken off and one network is lagging – you may not have an audience there.
  • You’ve tried strategies from A-Z. Nothing changes. Sometimes, one platform lags because you’re posting in the wrong format, or the wrong time etc. But if you’ve worked out all those kinks, and experimented with your strategy (and given it time) and still nothing? it could be time to say “bye”.
  • Not even an expert can help. If you’ve hired a qualified expert, and even they can’t work out the problem – definitely spend your time on something else.


I can’t stress the importance of patience when it comes to growing audience numbers, engagement, and eventually conversions. If your content is strong and relevant to your business and audience – you will get results. If you’ve adjusted you content and switch strategies, give them time to work before deciding to quit.

A few questions to consider before taking the leap and quitting a network all together

  • Did you buy likes/follows? If you bought your audience (or even a portion of it) then get ready to work your way out of that slump – and it will take forever, but eventually the organic audience will build and surpass the fakes and follower and reach numbers will begin to show growth. If most of your audience is fake and you can forfeit losing your usernames/URLs than starting over might make more sense.
  • Does it help to bring visibility to your brand? There are instances when networks don’t seem active but drive traffic. Pay attention to your website analytics before you decide to quit a specific network.
  • Do you have the time? Do you have the time to continue catering to this social media network? Is the time work the effort? If not – dump it!
  • Holding down the fort: Are you locking in your URLs/usernames on certain networks “just in case”? That’s fine! Make sure you at least have an updated profile image to match your active networks and consider making these private.


Quitting a social media network is a big decision for your digital marketing strategy. Don’t jump to the conclusion that something isn’t working because a network didn’t grow to a million followers in 3 nights, or that your latest post didn’t go viral. If a platform is a time suck for no return, leaving it will free up time to concentrate on improving analytics and strategies on the networks that are working, and boosting activities there.



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