Fill In All Bio Info [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Tip 70 - Fill In All Bio Info

You just set up all your social media profiles and you cant wait to get posting, but wait! Take the time to fill in ALL your bio info before you start posting. Annoying, yes – but filling in the blanks as thoroughly as possible has many benefits.

This tip is pretty simple, but often overlooked. Why go through all this trouble?

  •  Filling in your contact email, phone number, and website makes it easier for people to reach you if they like what they see. Traffic and referrals anyone?
  • Filling in all sections of your profiles gives you an opportunity to express yourself or your brand’s persona. It sets the stage for what your consumers can expect to see.
  • SEARCH! Now that social media accounts and posts are being pulled into search results, info and bio sections are even more important for coming up higher in consumer searches.
  • Looking like you care. Customers are now using social media to check out brands more than ever – do you want them to come across an incomplete or out of date profile? What image or message does that give the visitor?


A few things to keep in mind:

  • Fill in all info includes profile images and cover photos. (Keep branding consistent)
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and really reflect your brand’s personality.
  • Biographies should speak to the language of the social media network.
  • Check your profile regularly for changes and updates (In other words, conduct a periodic social media audit)
  • Use keywords related to your brand, industry and business – again this is key for search results.
  • Where ever available, verify your website (for authenticity) and link other social media accounts (the more visibility the better)


Here are a few tips for some of the most popular social media networks



Facebook asks you for all the usual general info (name, start date, address, etc.). There are 2 sections that people generally have questions about “bio” and “short description” . Feel free to write as much as you want under “Bio” but keep in mind that the “Short Description” section is only 155 characters long – this should be a summary of your page. Don’t worry about sticking your website address in there a separate section for that – but it could be a good place for another link.


Twitter’s bio is a little simpler than Facebook with only 160 characters for your text. There are also spaces for your website (or chosen link), your location, and the most recent addition, your birthday.


On Instagram your biography sits right at the top of your profile. You’ve got 150 characters to let your followers know what you’re about, plus a space for a link. I’ll also go on to say there are a bunch of websites that will let you customize the look of your Instagram biography (different fonts and layout hacks).


Company Pages only asks for a company description logos, and some other drop down info. On the other hand, LinkedIn Groups will require more to fill. You’ll have a group description, and a summary (similar to Facebook). When it comes to personal profiles if you are looking for a job, or to network – the more info the better – and remember this is your online resume.


Google + is super extensive – but you have the ability to add links to biographies which is great for linking back to specific posts or areas of your website. Unlike Facebook’s “Other sites” section, Google + actually creates links and icons when you link your other social media networks to the page.


Pinterest give you 160 characters to work with.


Did I miss any? If you have any questions, let me know in a comment below. Have a great week!




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