Make Content Easy to Share [Social Media Tip]

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 73 - Make Content Easy to Share from your website

Sometimes the simplest things are the most often overlooked – you’ve created all this great content, you’re getting lots of traffic to your post but no shareswhy!? Because you haven’t made it easy to share.

Sometimes I go on websites with great content, but sharing this awesome content requires a lot (in an internet laziness sort of way). If I wanted to share said content, I’d have to copy and paste a link, write my own caption – oh and I can’t forget about sourcing a photo to go along with messaging. There is one thing you must remember – the internet is lazy and requires convenience – one extra click can mean the difference between gaining more eyes and traffic or remaining at the same amount of viewers.

Here are a few quick ways to gain more shares on content you’ve posted on your website:

  • Make social media buttons visible. Your follow and share buttons should be easily found on your site. Popular places for these buttons are website headers, footers, or in sidebars. Your post itself should include social media sharing buttons.
  • Add sharing buttons and pop ups to your website articles and posts. I use for the floating share bar you see on my blog. SumoMe also provides a slew of tools to make your website social media friendly.
  • Populate share messaging so we don’t have to make up captions. The less work your readers and sharers have to do the better! Make sure that when the reader clicks the share button it is pre-populated with your own messaging and hashtags.
  • Photos matter. Try to include a good image in your post. Some sites, like Pinterest or Facebook will pull the post’s featured image – and including images increases shares.
  • Try “Click to Tweet” options. Click to Tweet lets you choose parts of your post that your reader can simply click on to tweet. I love this option because it allows you to pull snippets from text and is easy for the reader to use. I use a plugin, but if your site isn’t on WordPress you can try or run Google search for click to tweet services.
  • Old fashion calls to action. Ask your audience (nicely) to share your post if they’ve enjoyed it.

I told you this would be simple!

So if you enjoyed this post… please share it!

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