Twitter Announces Twitter Polls Coming Soon!

Twitter recently announced that built in polls will be coming to the social network. I’m so excited about Twitter polls and the engaging posts marketers will be able to create. I can see Twitter polls being used during live events.

Here’s the Twitter Polls blog announcement in a nutshell

  • Twitter Polls will consist of one question with 2 answer choices
  • Twitter Poll questions will be live for 24 hours
  • Users can participate in as many polls as they’d like and how they vote is not shared publicly

As far as analytics it seems you get instant results, number of votes and time left of the poll right on the tweet, but the Twitter blog post didn’t mention any other analytics metrics. Perhaps you will be able to see the poll tweet impressions, clicks, etc as you would a regular tweet in the analytics dashboard, or there could be a separate tab.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.47.18 PM

The post did mention to watch out for the poll button when composing a tweet, which will look like this:

polls_compose_EN copy

Check out Twitter’s Poll announcement tweet and watch their video of Twitter Polls in action.


What kind of initiatives could you see yourself using Twitter’s new built in polls for?



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