Drive Event Engagement Using Social Media

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 74 - Use Social Media to Drive Event Engagement

Social media marketing can be a great tool for building buzz around your event, but it can also be fantastic for driving engagement during your event too! Here are a few ways you can drive engagement before, during, and after your event using social media marketing.

Before the event:

  • Create a content plan: Your event content plan should feature content that educates followers about the event topic, industry, speakers (etc.). Your content plan should also drive traffic to the event website, and include sales messaging.
  • Email marketing: Use email marketing to keep prospects and ticket holders up to date with speaker content, agenda updates, discounts, accompanying event materials etc.
  • Get speakers/sponsors involved! Equip everyone involved with messaging and images to share with their networks. Create content about individuals speakers and make sure to tag them and any sponsors in social media messages.


During the event:

  • Live updates via your social media networks. You can use Twitter to live tweet and interact with attendees sharing with the event hashtags. Tweet quotes from speakers and share photos. You can also share photos on Instagram. On other social networks where you can’t post as frequently choose your updates more carefully.
  • Live Feeds and Twitter walls. When I worked in the financial publication world, live Twitter feeds were always a big hit! Everyone was amazed as they walked by the screen and saw their tweets, or pictures they’d shared on display. There are tons of tools to help you build the best feed. Here are a few: TweetBeam (paid),  Twitterfall, Twubbs, and HootFeed from Hootsuite.
  • Live stream or record parts of your event.  You can live stream using Periscope or Meerkat, You can also share snippets of the event via Snapchat. In the past I’ve used Vine to make  short 8 second videos of attendees or speakers. Make sure to save videos so you can use them after the event.
  • Social media stations. If you’re not sure how social savvy your event attendees are, teach them. You can set up a branded social media station (how about by the Twitter feed screen?). Make the station fun with photo ops and hashtagged items. Take time to engage with visitors letting them know the social campaigns happening around the event or sign them up for Twitter and help them send their 1st tweet.
  • Questions and polls. As you’re interacting with event attendees from your event handles, ask questions. You can ask anything from “What was your favorite session so far?” to “Did you like signature drink 1 or 2?”. As Twitter Polls roll out to all users live polling during events on Twitter will be a breeze.


After the event:

  • Thank event attendees via your social media channels.
  • Compile shared moments and share them with your audience. You can use Storify to pull all messages using your event hashtag onto one landing page. I love Storify because it lets the people included know they are part of your Storify via Twitter – driving instant traffic.

And post post event? Use all the content (quotes, pictures, etc.) that you’ve collected during the event to create even more wonderful content and build buzz for next year’s event.

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