How to Pin Posts on Social Media for More Engagement

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 79 - Put A Pin In It - Pinning Posts on Social Media Networks

Pinning a post on your social media channels is a great way to bring more visibility to the specific post, making pinned posts a simple, excellent social media marketing opportunity. In this post you’ll earn how to pin posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Let’s get started! and don’t forget to read to the end for a few tips and suggestions on how to use pinned posts.


  • To pin a post on Facebook, publish your post. Click on the down arrow in the upper right hand side of your post (it looks like this  Arrow Down FB).
  • Click on “Pin to Top” from the drop down menuFacebook Pin Post to Top of Page
  • And you’re done! Your post will now sit at the top of your Facebook fan page for 7 days. The post will un-pin itself automatically.Pinned Post on Facebook



  • To pin a post to the top of your Twitter profile, first publish your tweet.
  • After it is published go to tweet and click the “More” link (those 3 little dots)Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.36.03 PM copy
  • Click on “Pin to your profile page” from the drop down menu and you’re done!
  • The pinned tweet will stay at the top of your profile for as long as you’d likePinned Tweet



LinkedIn will allow you to pin posts on Company Pages.

  • To pin your LinkedIn update, you guessed it – publish it first.
  • After the post goes live look underneath the post for the “Pin to top” to Pin post on linkedin
  • Click on the “Pin to top” text and your post will now live at the top of your LinkedIn Company page for as long as you’d like.



As of this moment, you can still pin a post to the top of your Google+ business page using the old version. To do so:

  • Publish your post
  • Look for the arrow pointing down at the top right of your post and click on it.
  • Click on “Pin post” from the dropdown menuPin post google plus
  • The post will remain at the top of your page until you remove it.


Now that you know on which social media networks you can pin posts on and how to pin those social media posts, here are a few ideas on when pinned posts may come in handy:

  • Promote an event/contest – Pin posts which promote time sensitive happenings. Get a few extra event or contest registrations by driving traffic to pinned posts.
  • Promote a sale – Make sure everyone who visits your social media channels knows about that big sale through the week!
  • Important news – Bring more visibility to important news by pinning posts regarding news and announcements
  • To continue to drive post engagement – If you have a post that your fans reacted really well to – pin it to your profile and give a few more people the chance to see it.
  • Building your email list –  Need some more names on you email list? Pin your post to your social media profiles. Visitors may like your content, and now you’ve made it simpler for them to join your list.


Can you see your brand using a pin post on social media? Before you go here are two things to keep in mind:

  • Switch it up! Don’t leave pinned posts up for too long. Fans will get tired of seeing them, and since pinning a post means its the first thing visitors see, you don’t want them to mistakenly think you haven’t posted anything new in a while.
  • Have fun! Make pinned posts fun and eye – catching to drive more engagement
  • Remember posts have their own URL’s – another way to drive traffic to individual posts.

Hope everyone has a lovely Turkey Day!





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