Celebrating another beautiful year of life

Celebrating another beautiful year of life

Today I turn 31. I am so thankful and I’m embracing all the ups and downs I’ve been through in this past year because they shape my story and who I am TODAY.

As I step into another year I have a few things I want to work towards so I’m putting out there to the universe ✨

I want to work on being even more present. Since I work in digital marketing and social media I pay attention to how much time I spend on my phone. I snap my photo and put the phone down because I want to experience and be surrounded by moments. I take in the wind on my skin, the smells in the air. But I want to be even more present. Show up more, make more time to do things, see family and friends.

I want to crush all my goals. Like really surpass my goals and do it more swiftly than ever. I know this will take a lot more work but I’m ready for it!

Lastly and most importantly I want to work on aligning my actions, thoughts and words with my purpose. The universe has been pushing me in this direction and I am here to fully embrace it. I’m ready, ready to dig deep, get uncomfortable and shed the things that are holding me back. I’m ready to grow in ways I haven’t before. It’s time for a refresh and mental reboot.

And I want to travel!

Thank you to everyone’s who’s reached out and shown me love today. Lots of love back ??


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