3 Tactics That Are Working On Social Media Right Now (2020)

3 Tactics That Are Working On Social Media Right Now (2020)

Alright, so I’ve been telling you to stop using social media the old way for a while now – but what does that really mean? In this post, I’m sharing the top 3 tactics that are working on social media right now to get you the most engagement and growth.


Videos are working right now on social media because humans on the internet are consuming more video content than ever. While some of us may still prefer to read, for others it is faster and more convenient to watch a video. Think about it – you can pop on a video and listen to it while you’re working out, while you’re working on other things, driving your car etc. which makes it easier to consume for people on the go.

Social media platforms have also been pushing video content and now there are so many tools and features available to us. Look at Instagram for example – you can create video content as Reels, IGTV, Stories or feed videos and of course live videos! So many options for sharing video content – and that’s just on one platform.

The bottom line is videos are working on social media right now. I’d like you to keep in mind that videos don’t have to be high-end productions or complicated. Your followers are not expecting Hollywood productions and using your phone is totally fine. Play around with different types of videos to see what style works for you.

Here are my favorite tips for creating videos for social media.



Your customers want to know more about you. Yea you, sitting there behind the screen (and for brands – they want to know about what goes on in you every day, company culture and values). Storytelling is a big part of what’s working right now on social media because your online audience is more inclined to want to know more than just your products. Now, people care about what goes on behind the scenes, and this can influence whether or not they will buy from you.

Storytelling in social media works right now because it allows you to invoke emotions from your potential customer. You can tap into deeper connections with your audience. The beauty of storytelling is that each network provides tools to tell your story in different ways.

This doesn’t have to be a scary thing. There are so many “stories” you can tell about yourself or your business. We need to remember that in this day, consumers have SO many options – so what makes you different from the next brand selling the same thing?


Re-evaluate the metrics that matter to you

I had to include metrics in here because I love analytics and learning to interpret your numbers is an important cog in the social media success machine. The key thing here is to concentrate on the metrics that matter to you, your brand, or objective specifically. Of course, you always want to see growth (followers) because it means more brand awareness, but be mindful of this growth – is this really the ideal customer you’re attracting? Or just someone who will passively like your posts?

I also believe that really honing in on the metrics that support your goal is more valuable than chasing and collecting followers.

There you go! Those are the top 3 tactics that are working on social media right now to get you more engagement and growth. But, if you’re an online business owner having trouble turning your followers into paying customers, I’ve got a new guide for you! Download “The 4 Elements Behind Every Profitable Social Media Strategy” to discover the building blocks that take you from just being online to turning your social media into a money-making stream.

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