3 Ways To Use Instagram Keyword Search To Grow Your Business on Social Media

3 Ways To Use Instagram Keyword Search To Grow Your Business on Social Media

Instagram keyword search may not be the platform’s “sexiest” update, but it is a very useful one. As marketers, we’ve all been waiting for his one because this update may help your posts get found even if you haven’t used a specific hashtag – which is the only way to really search for content on the network until now. In this post I’m sharing 3 ways to use Instagram keyword search so that your posts get found even when you don’t use hashtags.


Customer Engagement and Account Growth

One of the biggest opportunities for business to take advantage of Instagram keyword search is being able to find customers. With the state of social media, taking time to engage with your potential audience is key for growth. You can now search for posts by using keywords your ideal customer might use within their caption. This is great for finding new people to interact and spark conversations to build relationships using social media. This method to growth takes really getting to know your audience and what their interests are outside of your brand in order to hone in on what keywords and phrases to search.

Instagram’s keyword search tool also allows you to find brand mentions that you may have missed before because your customer didn’t tag you or use your brand’s hashtag.


Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Social listening can help improve your social media growth because it allows you to conduct competitor analysis and get into the minds of your ideal customers. With Instagram’s keyword search tool you’ll now be able to look up your competitor’s keywords and see what their audience has to say about them. You’ll also be able to see if your customers speak about pain points which you can help solve with your product or service. All this helps with creating better content that resonates with your audience, therefore helping your social media presence stronger.


Get Found By Your Ideal Customer

Last but not least, Instagram keyword search can help your business grow on social media because it can make it easier for customers to find you. My agency has always made it a point to use keywords in the captions we create for clients and now it will pay off more than ever! While this tactic helped posts rank higher on search engines, now this tactic can help customers find your business on Instagram.

Although Instagram’s keyword search may feel like a very mundane update, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities it brings to expanding your audience and conversions from the network. Which one of these tactics will you implement?

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