5 Easy Instagram Photo Ideas for Your Brand or Business

5 Easy Instagram Photo Ideas for Your Brand or Business

A big part of gaining a social media following is to post content to your social media channels consistently. This means coming up with new photo or video concepts all the time. Even with careful planning, running out of ideas or coming up with new ones is a daily challenge. Feeling a little stuck when it comes to what photos to share? In this post I’ll share some “ever green” Instagram photo ideas to sprinkle in whenever you need help (these work on all your other social networks too).

5 “evergreen” Instagram photo ideas:

1. Your workspace or tools

Show off your desk, workstation, new notebooks, office or area where you’re getting things done for the day. Fans love seeing sneak peeks of every day life and the feeling that they are getting to know you (or your brand) better.

2. Day in the life

This ties back to my previous point – people love getting behind the scenes access. A “day in the life” post can be about sharing a part of your daily routine, a meal you cooked, a snippet of a team building exercise from your company meeting.

3. Repost

If you have nothing of your own to post why not share something related to your brand from someone else? Once you find a photo of a fan using your product or simply a photo that matches your brand aesthetic use “Repost” app to share it while keeping the credit in the photo. This type of post breaks up your own content, and lets you show a little personality.

4. Neighborhood

I love using this type of post for local businesses. A nod to your neighborhood is perfect way to visually show potential customers where you are, connect with people who love your community, and gives you a chance to take a walk and get a little creative with photos or videos. Show off any street art, nature near by, or cool architecture. If you aren’t crazy about your immediate neighborhood show off your town or city.


Yes quotes are on this list because they are a simple way to pos content if you’re in a jam. Pull quotes from your company’s CEO, famous authors, etc. You can get creative with how you present your quotes – write them out on paper, use interesting fonts, repost from others etc.


A few tips for better photos

Lighting: One of the most important elements of taking a good photo is lighting! If you’re shooting outside aim for morning or sunset. Even if the light is funky, you may be able to create something beautiful with stark shadows. I’ve found myself borrowing other people’s phones to light a scene.

Look out for color: A white backdrop looks clean, but have you seen how fun a colorful background can be? If you find a colored wall try placing an object (or person) in front of it and see what happens.

Play with subject placement/angles/cropping: Centered isn’t always the most interesting. Play with subject placement, your angles and cropping to create interesting photos.

Try the view from above shot: I’m sure you’ve seen ton of photos like this recently – especially in the food world. This type of photo can be tricky to pull off depending on what angle the light is coming from, but hold your camera directly over the object(s) you are shooting. Sometimes a little position re-adjusting is all you need to avoid shadows. I love this type image.

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And last but not least, don’t be afraid to look crazy! I’ve gotten really good at taking stealthy photos, but sometimes you have to look a little nuts to get the shot. From having to lift my arms way above my head to kneeling on stools – I’ve had my share of moments when I know I look insane – but great pictures don’t always come easily.

Okay I actually have one more photo tip – when in doubt, use stock images. Sometimes, we just can’t get the shot. In occasions where the images are for lifestyle posts, or are generic in nature don’t be afraid to use an already beautiful stock image. There are tons of free websites out now, with Unsplash.com being one of my favorites.

Remember that sharing to your social media channels is about building relationships with your audience – show them what makes you, you and your ideal audience will find you.

I hope this quick list can get you out of a photo rut. Got any other Instagram photo ideas or tips to add to my list? Let me know in a comment below:)


<3 DhariLo

DhariLo Social Media Marketing Tip 105 - 5 Easy Instagram Photo Ideas


I am a Hubspot Academy course contributor, Social Media Today Expert, and you can find my articles in Social Media Week, Business 2 Community and the AgoraPulse blog.

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