5 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Snapchat Following

5 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Snapchat Following

It’s all about Snapchat right now! With the social network surpassing Twitter in active users last month (Snapchat reported over 150 million daily active users) its no wonder brands and anyone trying to build a following are getting more active on the network. If you have no idea where to start building your following on Snapchat this post is for you. I’ll review 5 ways to quickly (and easily) grow your Snapchat following.

You don’t have to go crazy and rattle you brain to find your initial Snapchat following, it can be right under your nose!

Here are 5 simple ways to quickly grow your initial Snapchat following


1. Email Lists/blog

Starting with your core audience is usually the fastest way to build a following on a new network. You know they are interested in your updates because they submit to hearing from you via email lists or actively follow your blog – so why not let the people already showing you love where to show you a little more? Send an email blast and/or create a blogpost letting your current subscribers know that you’re now on Snapchat.

2. Cross Promote

Cross promoting your new account should give you a bump in Snapchat followers. Let your current social media audience know they have another way to connect and get exclusive content by sharing your Snapcode in a post, or simply letting them know how to find you on the social network.

3. Giveaways or Coupons

Another surefire way to build up a network is to offer something for free. This could be a Snapchat exclusive coupon, or you can craft a giveaway in which followers must be following you on Snapchat to participate.

4. Q & A or Mini Training Sessions

This is the Snapchat version of a Twitter Chat, except this can be a little more interactive. Host a Q&A or mini training session to jump start some interaction and following on Snapchat.

5. Influencers

Last but not least, harness the power of influencer marketing. Influencers can be a great way to build a super engaged following. Let an influencer “take over” your account for day. The right influencer’s audience will follow your Snapchat account in order to gain access to the takeover – exposing your brand to new eyes. You can also create Snapchat exclusive videos to post using Snapchat’s new Memories feature.

I can’t sign off without leaving with a little bonus tip, which is to submit your accounts to Snapchat directories and discovery apps like Ghostcodes. There are some sketchy ones out there, so do your research.

Snapchat is gaining popularity quickly, and new features like Memories and the ability to advertise is creating more opportunities for businesses to reach and connect with customers. When you finally decide to take the leap into Snapchat marketing, know that building a following quickly can be easier than you think – just try these 5 simple Snapchat audience building strategies.

Is your brand using Snapchat yet?

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