6 Easy Ideas For Showing Your Social Media Followers Love & Build Relationships

6 Easy Ideas For Showing Your Social Media Followers Love & Build Relationships

A little appreciation goes a long way, and the same goes for your social media followers. In this stage in social media marketing it’s not as much about your follower count and more about how engaged your audience is with you. In this post we’ll go over 6 easy ideas for showing your social media followers love.

Showing your followers that they are important to you is a great way to raise interaction and engagement, not to mention traffic and conversions. I say this a lot, but we are building relationships here, and a healthy relationship never lacks in tokens of affection. This is one way to create a fun campaign, knock out content and build a deeper relationship with your followers at once.

Here are some ideas on how you can show your social media followers appreciation


A Simple “Thank You” Post

Thank your network for helping you reach a milestone (yay 1,000 likes), or just simply say Thank you for following us can be seriously under rated. Your audience is inundated with messages and an endless amount of accounts to follow – but they are following and interacting with you.

Highlight Follower Reviews Or Comments

Let your current (and future) audience know you appreciate their thoughts. Highlighting reviews on your social channels is a great way to show social proof, but it also shows that you read and care about reviews and feedback you get from people using your product or service. One more benefit? more content for you!

Feature Your Most Active Followers

Featuring your most active followers or users is another good way to fill in content gaps and reward those who post about you. Every time you repost a user generated photo you are showing love to the person who posted about your brand or business.

Offer Special “Social Media” Only Discounts/Sales etc.

Social media only discounts are useful in more than one way. It rewards your followers by giving them an exclusive discount – but it is also a way to gauge how many customers are coming from your social channels. Tracking social media sales is not always straight forward since someone can see your message several times before actually buying but this is a way to see how engaged your audience is.

Ask Them What They Want And Deliver!

What better way to really get your customers involved than giving them a vote in what you do next? Got a new packaging or flavor choice to make? Get your network involved (and I bet your sales will love this too). If you don’t sell anything ask customers what they’d like to know more about or see more of and then produce that content. Your engagement for that piece will  most likely be higher since you are delivering exactly what they asked for.

Run An Appreciation Contest

Gamify the love! Have a small, easy to enter giveaway and maybe ask for a little love in return (in the form of a share or tag). At a financial publication company I worked with we ran a two week contest for reader appreciation. We announced a subscription discount to our followers and randomly tweeted out Starbucks coffee’s to followers during the two weeks (Starbucks please bring Tweet A Coffee back!). We also asked for specific tweet re-tweets’s and shares of the campaign landing page for bigger prizes.

  • The campaign generated
    • 326,306 total impressions on the hashtag
    • 425 total Bit.ly link clicks
    • 1,938 landing page visits
    • 109 lead generation customers
  • The campaign also instantly generated a renewal order of an existing subscriber for ($1,005). The month end sales reports generated an additional four orders with the exclusive savings code setup for the campaign generating an additional $2,900 back to the campaign.


Keep in mind that each social media network has different rules in the way that you present a contest of giveaway so read and understand the rules before you put a contest up there. You can always run the contest or giveaway on one specific network and drive traffic from your other networks.

Showing love doesn’t have to be too difficult, like in real life even a simple expression of appreciation can create beautiful results. Building a relationship with your followers is the way to go in the current social media landscape.

How will you be showing your followers love?

<3 DhariLo


I am a Hubspot Academy course contributor, Social Media Today Expert, and you can find my articles in Social Media Week, Business 2 Community and the AgoraPulse blog.

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