6 Effective Ways To Deal With Social Media Overwhelm

6 Effective Ways To Deal With Social Media Overwhelm

It happens to everyone. You sit there, head in a fog, not knowing what to post or simply feeling uninspired to post to your social media channels. It can be so frustrating and detrimental to your online efforts. The good news is there are a few things you can do to deal with social media overwhelm.

Define Your Social Media Goals & Strategy

Defining your social media goals and strategy can be effective in dealing with social media overwhelm. This is because you goals and strategy will give you the framework to build your posts around. You’ll have a “big picture” view of what you want your account to look like and what you want to achieve with it. This should make it a little easier to find inspiration and craft updates. If you still don’t have your social media strategy together let me guide in Building Your Brand on Social Media.

Plan Postings In Advance

Planning your postings in advance is another great way to avoid social media overwhelm. Creating a content calendar will let you stay a step ahead. Plan a week, month, several months or even a year of posts you can schedule out and make minor tweaks to. When you don’t have to think about what to post on the daily your mind will be free to explore creative ideas and more. Learn how to create a social media content calendar here.


When in a rut, curate! There is so much great content out there that you can share with your audience and there are multiple benefits to using curated content. You can curate blog posts, social shares, or even your visual content. Curating content is great when you need to fill content gaps, when you want to highlight user generated content, or even grabbing the attention of influencers you can reach out to in the future. Remember to always give credit if you repost an image or any content from a source other than your own. Read Why You Should Be Curating Content for Your Social Media Channels (And How To Do It) to learn more about curating content for your social channels.

Use Scheduling Tools

As I mentioned in How To Use Social Media Automation To Improve Your Results (And Not Lose Your Mind), It’s super helpful to schedule your pre – determined posts (which you’ve worked out in your content schedule) ahead of time, so you’re free to spend your new found time on whatever your heart desires…which will probably be to cross another item off that ever growing to – do list. Getting posts scheduled and out of the way will give you time to do one of the most overlooked and time consuming social media tasks – actually engaging with your audience. I usually plan and schedule about a month’s worth of content for each of my clients ahead of time.

Pick The Platforms Where Your Target Audience Is

In order to streamline your process and avoid social media overwhelm concentrate on the social media networks that are working and drop the ones that are not. Even if you automate your social media efforts, it can become a lot to manage accounts on every single social media network. Make it easier on yourself by only using the ones that are actually working for you.

Take A Break!

Sometimes when I’m not inspired to post, I just don’t post. Stepping away from social media for a short time can help you refresh your creativity and gain inspiration. Don’t give into the pressure and let the inspiration hit you. Look at magazines, other accounts, or just take a walk. When you feel ready, come back. Posting quality will always beat out just posting to post.


I hope these 6 tips can help if you’re feeling bogged down by posting and are dealing with social media overwhelm. Until next time!

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