6 Ways To Use Traditional Media to Grow Your Social Media Audience 2018

6 Ways To Use Traditional Media to Grow Your Social Media Audience 2018

Being surrounded by digital marketing, it can be easy to forget that traditional forms of media are still alive and well and reach billions of people. More “traditional” forms of media are the perfect avenues to kick off an organic audience that is already interested in what you have to stay. Read on to learn how you can use traditional media to grow you social audience.

Over half of the world’s population* is still completely offline, so I don’t really buy the “print is dead” and “traditional media” is done thing (completely). These billions of offline people still rely on commercials, billboards, magazines and more “traditional” forms of marketing and branding. Of course print has taken a huge hit, but the complete death of physical materials won’t be here tomorrow.

Here are a few ways you can use traditional media to increase your social media audience:

1. Ads

If you are a publication or magazine (or have access to one), use a page to let your subscribers know that you’re online! They are already reading your content, so these people are more likely to seek you out and connect with you online. Many brands are also taking to television ads, just to ask their audience to engage with them and grow their social media audience

2. Snail Mail

Got a newsletter that gets sent out in the mail? or anything you send customers in the mail? Slip a card with all your social media channel links, and ask your customers to engage with you – let them know what your hashtag is. Maybe get really crazy and create a social media discount tab on Facebook, let them know on the card that there will be a social media discount on your page until next week. All you have to do is have awesome content for them to scroll through – if they like it, they’ll like you.

3. Brick and Mortar Businesses

If you have a storefront, or restaurant your windows are your best advertising asset and an excellent way to grow your social media audience. I have to come through your door to get in and out of your establishment or maybe I pass your window on the walk to work – why not let customers that visit your physical location know that they can find you online? Try using window clings, mirror stickers, outside sandwich boards or table tents, and training staff to mention your social channels. You can even brand take away containers with your social handles or branded hashtag.

Below is an example of a stamp we used with a restaurant client.


4. At Events

Events are a great place to use more traditional marketing and branding methods and grow your social media audience. There are so many ways to integrate social media into any event. For basics, include your social info on printed materials, table tents, and branded items. You can use social media screens, or even run social contests or polls at your event. Events are fun and a great opportunity to connect with and delight your audience.

5. Experiential or “Guerilla” Marketing

If your company is already involved in using experiential events or campaigns, integrate social media. Social media can not only support the campaign, but you can use it to grow your social audience. You can create a contest or promotion to increase the digital footprint of the campaign or to use social media to surprise and delight them further than your stunt did – extendning the experience from offline to online.

6. In Person/Business Cards

Last but not least – word of mouth! In person interactions still exist, so use them to your advantage. Print your social media information on your business cards for a little extra social media growth or awareness.

Think of your social media channels as an opportunity to give your customers added value because you appreciate them. Social media is where they get to interact with each other, engage with you, and get to know your brand a little better- this is where you can begin to make them fall in love with you.

Traditional media has worked in the past and it still works now. Get the best of both worlds and show your audience that you’re tech savvy too. Increase your organic growth with fans that are much more likely to engage with and share your content because they’re already interested. The rest is up to you and your content.

I only mentioned a few ways to use traditional forms of marketing to grow your social media audience, but I’d love to hear what you’ve done if I didn’t mention it in my post. Leave it in a comment below.

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