7 Simple Interactive Content Ideas You Can Steal

7 Simple Interactive Content Ideas You Can Steal

A good way to drive engagement and shake up your usual posts is using interactive content. Interactive content gets your audience more involved, increasing click throughs and providing more opportunities to educate and delight your network.

Interactive content includes any content a user can click on, click through, answer, or play with. These content pieces take more effort (and sometimes money) to create but users spend more time and get more value from. They’ll get your audience to engage, and you could even use it to get to know your audience better.

Types of Interactive Content



Quizzes and polls are an inexpensive way to create interactive content. Think about it – how may times have you stopped to find out what kind of pizza you are? Quizzes can be fun, or help your audience determine where they stand – which can become an opportunity for you to offer your product or service. They can help you dive into the mind of your audience and create double the content (once when you post, and another when you post the results). One more benefit of polls and quizzes is showing your audience that the conversation goes both ways and you care about their opinions. Another fun way to interact with fans is to ask them to caption photos.

Twitter, Facebook pages, Facebook groups and Instagram Stories have built in polls for you to use. Check out the  screenshots below to see the formats for Twitter and Facebook page Polls. They allow you to add several answer options (Facebook polls even let you add photos and .GIFs as options), and you have control over how long the poll is up for.Once someone votes they’ll be able to see poll results. On Instagram Stories you can use the Poll Sticker to create a 2 option poll that will be live for 24 hours. Get 6 Instagram Stories Poll Sticker ideas fro your brand or business here.


If the network you’d like to run a poll on does not have a built in tool you can write out your options in your caption and have your audience comment the corresponding letter to their answer. You could also run a poll on a landing page on your website.


Classic old fashion contests and sweepstakes are great examples of interactive content and a solid way to get more engagement from your audience. Although you can no longer ask people to comment, like or share a post for a chance to win on Facebook, running on sweepstakes on Instagram can be as easy as asking for a follow and tagging a friend, or asking your audience to answer a question in the comments. Make sure your prize is brand related and remember that simple is okay!


Multiple choice posts can be fun interactive content to post on social media networks that allow multiple image posts. Each image can be a different option for your audience to choose from. You can use this method to let them help you choose your next flavor or product you may offer. You’ll engage them, get their opinion and make more sales since you’re giving them what they chose.


These may be a little more costly to create but really fun pieces for your audience to interact with. Interactive infographics and other content pieces include hover pop ups or click throughs to other landing pages, quizzes, extra content and more. They are a great tool for educating your audience on your particular industry or product. You can pack a lot of information into an infographic or ebook that include calls to action or fun pop up facts. To promote these on your social channels you can pull snippets from the infographic, or create new snackable content from the data in the infographic and use a call to action to drive traffic to the full infographic.


Spinning off of the previous bullet, work books are a great way to offer value to your audience. You can add interactive elements within your workbook. You can include an assessment or create a stand alone assessment based on your product or service. Based on the final outcome of the assessment you will be able to offer the person a solution (your product or service).


Have you tried tying a trivia question into your social media schedule? It’s yet another fun and easy way to get your audience to engage with you.


Show your audience how much money they can save by using your product with a calculator. Any information that can be quantified can be used for a calculator and can help your audience use numbers to relate to a bigger message (aka a reason for them to use your product or visit your website).


Interactive videos are a great way to integrate interactive content into a medium that is showing the most reach and engagement from any content type. Interactive videos can include click throughs to landing pages, quizzes, or play certain sections based on the viewer’s choices. There are some great tools out there to help you create these types of videos, but YouTube allows for simple video interaction cards that can lead your viewer to subscribe to your channel or watch a related video or playlist.

Have you seen any great examples of interactive content or know any good creation tools? Let me know in a comment below!

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  • D~D
    Posted at 17:11h, 07 April

    I like the quizzes and polls. When I was on FB, that went well during events. I’m on IG and I posted one on my author account. It was fun and I’m so glad I was born in August!

  • Lisa ??? (@Lisapatb)
    Posted at 06:01h, 10 April

    Hi DhariLo , I haven’t used the quizzes or polls in a post in years. I like the idea of doing one soon. Thank you. I also would like to do more videos in posts. I think they are a great way for your audience to get to know you better. Thanks for the tips!
    Found you from BizSugar 🙂 Have a great day.