7 Ways to Repurpose Influencer Content in Your Marketing

7 Ways to Repurpose Influencer Content in Your Marketing

Brands big and small can benefit greatly from influencer marketing. One of my favorite aspects of working with influencers is that they can leave you with a set of great content. But what can you do with this all this content after the campaign is over and it’s been on your social media channels? Repurposing influencer marketing content can be a great way to drive extra traffic, and encourage more engagement and growth from your social media presence.

If you haven’t dived into influencer marketing, then you’re missing out on benefits of influencer content like increased brand awareness, SEO and more (you can review some influencer marketing basics here). A successful influencer marketing campaign will drive traffic to your brand, provide extra content, and let you in on key insights about your audience.

So why repurpose influencer content?

  1. Repurposing can be easier than creating new content.
  2. You know it works. If you had a successful influencer marketing campaign, then you know the content that was created works to attract your key audience. You can concentrate on optimizing other parts of your new, re-purposed campaign. Which leads me to…
  3. You know who responded to it, so you can tailor your campaigns more specifically towards different segments of your audience.

1. On Your Own Social Channels

If for some reason you did not use influencer content on your own social channels during your influencer campaign, go ahead and use it on your brand’s channels. Re-posting influencer content from your company’s account will help build trust and notoriety among your existing following and attract your influencer’s audience to your channels. These posts can be great as “Throwback” content. As a general rule I like to use influencer content while the campaign is happening to really capitalize on the extra traffic and tie the brand I’m working with into the influencer conversations.

2.Website Images

Did you know about 86% of millenials think user generated content is a good indicator of the quality of a brand? In the age of reviews, people just want to know that someone else has seen results.

  • If you’ve worked with influencers to showcase your product or service, a good way to repurpose the content created is to use it on your product pages. Most influencers are now creating visually captivating content that will only elevate the look of your brand. Being able to show that an influencer supports your brand can also be a good selling point to those who may have wandered to your site without seeing the original content push.

3. Blog Content

Influencer content can be repurposed for great blog posts – and you don’t necessarily need to have your own influencer content for these posts. This can be especially true when there is a specific event or topic trending in your industry. If your brand is related to the event or “hot topic” bringing thought leader content together is one place will not only appeal to your existing audience, but new eyes may discover your brand through your final repurposed piece.

  • Let’s say you’re at a conference or event – or at least you want to talk about an event happening in your industry to drum up followers and engagement. You can gather tweets, Instagram photos and videos, and create a post highlighting the best moments shared by the top influencers at the event. You can then create content based on these moments and drive traffic back to your post or landing page.
  • One last post suggestions is to compile general thoughts and quotes. Gathering a set of thoughts, ideas, or quotes on a topic from your industry influencers can be a great way to create a blog post or page without having to create new content yourself (except for the creative to promote your new influencer content based piece).
  • Taking a hint from the suggestions above, If you have worked with influencers on a specific campaign you can gather your favorite content pieces from that campaign for a new post.

4. Emails

Emails are a great way to repurpose influencer content you may have already used on your social media channels. Feature influencer content in emails sent to your list for extra traffic to blog posts, or specific pieces of content on social media you’d like to boost interaction for.

5. Paid Ads

Influencers are influencers because they are in tune with their audience’s wants and needs, which translates into visual content that attracts the eye of your key customer. You may be able to use influencer content you have from a past campaign in not only new social media ads, but you can translate them onto other mediums like print, tv, etc (think of how GoPro ads are all user generated content). Just make sure these terms are clear and credit is given.

6. For More User Generated Content

Why not use a past high performing influencer image to ask you fans to share their own content? Not only is this interactive, but you’ll encourage your customers to submit their own photos which means more visibility and reach for your brand.

7. Offline

Since your influencer content did so great online, test influencer content offline as well. You can stream influencer created videos at your next event, or create a write up in your physical magazine based on your past influencer campaign.

Influencer content is the gift that keeps giving in social media marketing. Here are some last minute tips to keep in mind before re-purposing influencer content:

  • ALWAYS give credit. Wether that is on the image itself, in your captions and messaging.
  • Make sure to tag your influencers and use event and campaign hashtags in the new campaign
  • If you’re creating a contract, make sure to include points that address the ownership of content and usage rights. Most of the time since the content is created for specific campaigns your brand owns influencer content associated with it, but some contracts get a little more complicated.
  • If you aren’t sure about usage simply ask. Chances are your influencer will be okay with the repurposing since it doesn’t require any more work on their end.
  • Save some content for BTS, or exclusive incentives in the future.

Do you now have some new ideas about how you can re-purpose your influencer content? Let me know in a comment below. If you need some simple ideas to jump start an influencer campaign check out these 3 simple ways you can partner with influencers for your brand.





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