8 Tips For Creating Better Live Videos

8 Tips For Creating Better Live Videos

Creating live videos can be intimidating! Real time streaming comes with it’s own set of headaches. In this post I’ll go over 8 tips to help you create better live videos for your social media channels.

Keep Your Goal In Mind

As with any social media activity, keeping your goal in mind will help you create better live videos. Are you creating the video to add value to your audience? Build awareness for your brand? Possibly push a call to action? Figuring out your goal will help you structure the stream to get the most out of it.

Plan Ahead

Since live videos happen in real time you won’t be able to account for every moment, but try planning as much as you can. Create a rough timeline, write out speaking points and outline your intro and outro. Being prepared will help things run more smoothly.

Make Videos At Least 10 Minutes Long

Although making short videos is better for social media posts, longer formats are better for live videos. The reason is because most social media networks that offer live videos will notify followers when you are live. Longer videos give your audience more time to get notified and join the stream. Plan your introduction so that you give your audience a few minutes to tune in and not miss the more important part of your live video. With that said, don’t make your intro so long that your audience tunes out.

Find Good Lighting and Clear Audio

Lighting and sound are two of the most important elements when creating better live videos. If you don’t have lighting equipment, try finding a spot with natural light when broadcasting. You’ll want your audience to hear what you’re saying, so make sure you can be clearly heard where ever you’re live streaming from. Think about purchasing a microphone to ensure clear audio.


Live videos can be a little awkward because you might feel like you’re talking to yourself – and in the beginning you might be. With live videos there are no breaks or re-takes, so you’ll need to know your material well so you power through any bumps or silences. You’ll also want to to practice your live video a few times in the mirror to if you’re just starting to broadcast live or if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll want to record so you can see and hear yourself. After watching your practice runs you’ll know if you’re speaking to fast, if you need to be more entertaining and more. These small tweaks can help you create better live videos on your social media channels.

Interact With Your Audience

Live videos are great because they are broadcasted in real time, giving you the ability to really interact with your viewers. For better live video experiences ask your audience questions throughout your broadcast. Remember to give them a little time to answer (and be ready to fill in those gaps with more talking). Take the time read and respond to comments to engage your audience and build stronger connections. If possible (and if your broadcast format does not allow you to monitor conversations – like a live interview) try to get someone to be your comment moderator. The person in this role can help answer replies and you can concentrate on the live stream.

Use A Tripod

If you’re using your phone, holding it up for an extend period of time may be uncomfortable and propping it up against other items can cause it to slip and fall over. No one wants to watch a shaky video, so investing in a portable tripod can help you create a stable broadcast.

Go With The Flow

Last but not least, get ready to go with the flow. Live videos are live and sometimes things happen beyond your control. A car might honk, or your connection can cut out. Keep in mind that it’s not what happens but how you recover.


Live videos are not only great for increasing your reach and visibility, they can help you reinforce your brand voice, and connect with your audience on a deeper level. They give you an opportunity to show personality and interact with people that support you. With my 8 tips you’ll be able to create better live videos that create an impact. To learn more about live videos check out:

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